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Duck Hunter 3D Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Hunting
Duck Hunter 3D

A great 3D shooting game! Shoot ducks, clay discs and even ming vases!

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  • Mr mike

    Duck Hunter 3D is more than just a duck shooting game, it has loads of extras that make the game broad and very exciting!

    The game modes in Duck Hunter 3D consist of "Clay Shooting", "Ming Vase Mania", "100 Duck Melee", "Duck Hunt!" and "Duck Marathon".

    In "Clay Shoot", you have to shoot clay discs flown into the air. You must shoot at least one clay per set and complete at least five sets to win. In "Ming Vase Mania", a large gun launches hundreds of ming vase's into the air and you must shoot as many as you can in 60 seconds. "100 Duck Melee" is a race against the clock, see how many ducks you can shoot before your time runs out! "Duck Hunt" is a quick game where you have to shoot 3 ducks in 13 seconds. Finally, "Duck Marathon" is a marathon of duck killing before the homing pigeons fly into you and kill you!

    The graphics are quite decent for a freeware 3D game and the sound is decent too. I enjoyed this game and I'm sure most others will too.

  • CJ

    I just shot a duck! But you can't tell if I did or not because of the poor graphics! There is no sound at all. Just subtitles. I shot 3 birds (Or ducks) and got bored. It will take 59 mins on a 56k modem and you will get bored of it instantly! Do not try this. Ever.

    Graphics: 1/10 (I could actually see)
    Sound: 0/10 (Just subtitles)
    Gameplay: 2/10 (It was fun for about 20 secs)
    Fun: Very Mild

  • Stijn

    This game has not-that-good graphics, but who cares, it's fun to play! Sound can better. Don't judge to quickly when you play this game, take some time to practice the shooting. I want to see a second version!

  • Rufus Alexander TallWalke

    I have a lot of fun with this game. I keep it on my personal and work computer. When I need to "unwind" and relax I start it up and shoot some ducks. I love it and so does my wife.

  • LOL

    THE WORST GAME EVER! People do not use your time to download this. If You want a duck hunt, get Duck Blits.

  • Ozziewade

    Junk. This game stinks. Look around you, can you see anything so dumb?

  • Greenday

    It's great! Small download but good graphics... heaps of fun.

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