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Escape From HELL Download

  • Developer: Red_Eagle
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Escape From HELL

This free 3D first-person-shooter suffers from a host obviously poor design choices.

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  • Gohst

    Usually a 3D first-person-shooter will have people stand up and take notice. A whole game? For free? Like, a serious, real type game? Unfortunately, the reality is usually far from the fantasy, as you will see with Escape From HELL.

    Firstly, it’s a first-person-shooter set in Hell. Secondly, the graphics are horrible. Nearly every corner shakes and convulses due to some error which wasn’t excised before release. Speaking of errors, when I first started to play, the ceiling was too low to even walk. In one part, a body fell in the corridor and I couldn’t move around, or over it. I ended up shooting it until it scutted along the floor and THROUGH the door I was headed to. After opening the door, I moved around the body.

    In another section, the floor simply turned into empty space. Every door is not connected to the walls its in, so you can look through the gaps to check for any enemies. Oh, and speaking of the enemy… they have got to be the stupidest bunch of stupids to ever grace the genre. Nearly every enemy is oblivious to you unless you go up, shake its hand and introduce yourself as “the guy you are supposed to kill”. Seriously, shoot them in the head a few times, watch the walls get covered in their goo and they stare as blanky into the distance as they did before. Administer the fatal blow and watch them collapse unaware of any of the preceding events.

    There is more, but I got stuck on one level where the door refused to open. So, that’s as far as this reviewer got. You know, the level where you have to "go tho te building" - I’m sure there is plenty of good stuff in there too, I mean, as stupid as the bad guys are, they look absolutely excellent. Don’t get me wrong. Though the negative side of this game is a long, long way from the positive side. Do yourself a favour, do a search for CodeRed and get one of those games instead. This one is no good.

  • Bob_bobson

    A game made using the fps creator engine, and a poor one at that. Not the best in level designs and as it is the fps creator engine the loading times are slow. This is also made in the old fps creator so no '3d surrounding based' lighting effects as like in hl2 or COD3/4

    A game worth downloading if you use the fps creator program for inspiration or how to avoid making a boring game, but apart from that I would advise only to download if you are bored and want a quick challenge.

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