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  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Could you beleive a first person shooter could fit into a file this small? No? Neither could I.

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  • Gohst

    With most of its decent graphics seemingly ripped from Doom and Hexen, and the rest of its graphics ripped from a concrete sidewalk (except less interesting) this is probably the worst first person shooter you'll ever play. In fact I challenge anyone to show me worse.

    After enduring the bloated Escape from HELL but loving the gorgeous minutae of .kkrieger, I had mixed hopes about this one. Soon, mixed feelings turned into very brief, intense shock, then lasting horrifying, crushing depression as the realisation that this game sucked hard was an understatement.

    A few questions sprang to mind: Firstly, what's the point? Where's the story? Why are there monsters? Who am I? What is this place anyway and why does this huge cog go into the ground? Does it have a point? Why are the walls all grey?

    None of these questions had answers that the super over responsive controls could deliver. Instead the game felt like a pinball machine - albeit a very, very tiny one... with no point to it. Not even that little bit on the side where the ball goes and you can't stop it falling away.

    To put it simply, I haven't actually written much about what the game is like - that's because there isn't anything there. It's pointless, lousy, boring... there are many words to describe this game, but none could do its awfulness justice.

  • Anonymous

    This game SUCKED! Stupid stealing from other games (especially doom), and the starting scared the shit out of me. BOO!

  • YuoHitMyNose

    It stunk... really, REALLY bad. Words cannot describe how awful this game is.

  • Anonymous

    So small? Try .kkregier 96kb game.....fps...better than this

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