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  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A vertically scrolling shooter set in space, featuring retro style graphics and gameplay.

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  • Gohst

    There are plenty of scrolling shooters around. This is a good thing. Usually, they are very good. Guardian is no exception, its retro styled goodness brings back memories of time spent in front of similar games of years gone by.

    Though the game is relatively short at only five levels, the addition of three difficulty settings gives the game more depth. The first setting allows enemies to be destroyed with ease, while on hard even the simplest enemies take a few hits before being destroyed.

    Strangely, in easy mode you seem only to be able to pick up one power-up at a time. Collecting multiples keeps your ship at its current level. Also it seems that when on multiple power-ups, such as on the hard level, you are reduced to the smallest by one hit.

    Although, even if that difficulty with the power-ups can be distracting, the graphics and gameplay are very welcoming. The bosses are all large and individually destructible, all with strange quirks which make them unique. Figuring out how to destroy them - while staying alive - is a key part to the game.

    Even if it lacks the fancy bullet screens of other games, it has a charm and a quality which makes it seem very warm and inviting. Guardian is a definite coffee-break shoot 'em up and is well worth the play.

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