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Hidden And Dangerous Download

  • Developer: Illusion Softworks
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Hidden And Dangerous

A previously excellent tactical commercial game, now free for download

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  • Zero Gamer

    Hidden and Dangerous was created by Illusion Softworks as a fully commercial game. They have just recently released the game as freeware in order to promote the sequel to it.

    Hidden And Dangerous is a tactical, squad based action game based on World War II.

    You have full control over all 8 members of your squad, each member having different tactical skills, either shooting, reaction, endurance, etc. When playing as the person the skills are not very noticeable, but when you let the AI take over it comes in very useful. You can choose each member manually or let the computer do it for you. The same applies for weapons and tools.

    Tactics come in very useful in this game and are required to succeed in a mission, such as different fighting moves or stealth moves.

    Hidden and Dangerous matches up and exceeds the greatness of other similar games such as Rainbow Six, Spec Ops, Commandos and Delta Force.

    There are quite a few missions to do which range from simple infiltrations to hostage rescues. There is also the capability to get in and drive any vehicle you see if you don't feel like walking.

    This release of Hidden And Dangerous also includes the Devil's bridge expansion, all the required patches and updates, as well as the mission editor.

    As Hidden And Dangerous was a commercial game I don't really need to tell you how great it is or how excellent the graphics and sound are.

    Just download it.

  • CoolDude

    Finnaly an awsome 3d fps is out and most importantly it's a freeware!.

    The game though seems to be a simple shooter it's not that easy. The features include some highly trained AI and good graphics. Even where you shoot matters here, for example , if you shoot directly in the head then 1 shot is enough to burst his head.

    You can also go around collecting items from the other soldiers killed by you or even the dead bodies of your allies.

    There are quite a few vehicles that can be used here and there.

    This is a must download for those Rainbow-Six fans out there. But before playing the game better prepare yourself well as you may have to repeat missions to get a clear idea of the different level layouts.

  • EXpl0si0nZ

    ok, now first: I HATE this game.

    I never heared of it before, and with the cool reviews, I downloaded it.
    I was merely dissapointed.
    I don't understand why people like this game.

    1: I expected a first person shooter: wrong.
    2: I expected very good gameplay (after all this was a commercial game): wrong.
    3: I expected some A.I. for the team: wrong.
    4: I expected a good multiplayer mode: wrong.

    So this is my personal review:

    This is a terrible game and I do not recommend the download, even if it was only 2,7688 MB.

  • The Gamer

    Nice this game is totally the best! Man, this is a 3D FPS tactical war game! And you can also turn it into a 1st person shooter! But, the AI's in your team are pretty stupid... and the graphics are very well tended and smooth. Nice game!

  • I've liked this game since age 5, I played this game in my school age in my hostel, now i miss it.. i feel like playing it again, so plz help me tell about how to download this game... plz... i really want it..... plzzz

  • Cereal Quiler

    It's just the first soldier simulator game that I liked, and the 2nd best computer game I ever played!

    Just download it, you'll be addicted in less than 20 minutes.

  • Dipanjoy seal

    Great fun and great adventure. Use every thing you want to and a wide range of rifles!

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