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Highway Havoc Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Highway Havoc

Cause as much damage as you can on a busy highway

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  • The DJ

    This is a very simple game that relies off of addictivity to keep you playing. So depending on whether you get addicted or not this is either "exellent" or mediocre.

    Basically you drive around in a car (with somewhat difficult controls) and try to cause as much damage as possible on a highway. There are two ways to do this run over people or "cause" a wreck. And what I mean by "cause" is you have to make sure that you are not actually part of a wreck.

    This game is rather amusing the first few times you play it because you get all of this crazy stuff happening like 10-car pile ups and people going up into the air with a hangtime of about 5+ seconds.

    Generally speaking this game is worth downloading since its a pretty good game for one MB.

  • CJ

    Downloaded at 6:57 and 20 seconds, I removed this game at 6:57 21 seconds! The reason of this is that the game is totally boring, repetative, and well boring. If you play this game you must be out of your mind! If you download this game, you must be out of your mind. Hey, defrosting the freezer is actually better than this rubbish game! The most annoying thing was that there appeared to be no exit button, this was terrible! The up sides were: the graphics dont melt rocks, the sound dosen't make you break your speakers! But the game kills your harddrive!

    Graphics: 4/10
    Sound: 4/10
    Gameplay: 0/10
    Fun: No
    Worth Downloading: Only with broadband!
    Overall: 2/10

  • Zero

    Highway Havoc is like a freeware version of grand theft auto mixed with Carmageddon. Your goal is to cause as much carnage as possible on a busy high way.

    You can run down pedestrians, crash in to other vehicles, cause huge pile-ups, or lead police cars into oncoming traffic.

    This game is great for when you just feel like crashing into someone or knocking over a pedestrian or 2. It can get a bit fast at times causing it hard to control the car, but it just adds to the fun.

    I especially like it when you ride through the bus stop killing at least 10 people at once and some of them even fly straight up into the air as they get hit.

  • Andre Levesque

    Sounds:7/10 The yelping is funny at first, but after 30 or more pedestrians you hit it gets quite annoying.

    Graphics:6/10 Kinda like GTA with the top-down view, but the graphics are slightly better.

    Gameplay:6.5/10 The car will go outta control sometimes, but the constant carnage is a good thing.

    Final Rating:6.5/10 The game is good the first 5 minutes or so, but then it gets kinda boring. The game would be better if it was more open (drive around a single map until you wanna kill people.) But for a game that was made and entered in a contest in 72 hours, its still fairly good.

  • Speedy

    This game is your run-of-the-mill destruction game. But hey, who has ever said that destruction games aren\'t fun? You can basically just cause havoc all along the highway (hence the name). I thought it was well made, the driver\'s responses were good, but it\'s too bad that you cannot go anywhere but the highway--it would be good if you could. Also, the screen is moving and you can\'t go past the edges, so you are sort of boxed in. I like watching the cars slam into each other, though.


    It starts with sparse traffic, but if you survive enough cops plowing into traffic, it becomes rush hour. You have to run down civilians, or scare them into the crowded streets, or just swerve close to cars and watch reactions, causing amazing pile ups. Somewhat limited gameply, but it is a MUST have, literally. It's awesome.

  • A goose

    This is the best freeware game I've played. All that you do is try to cause as much damage on a highway as possible - but its so fun! The people you run over make funny sounds too. I definatly think everyone should try it out!

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