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Infection Download

  • Developer: Shawn64
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

In this bloody game, you’re a bounty hunter sent to rid a whole planet of alien scum.

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  • Clockwork Beast

    Because I am accustomed to using Game Maker, and playing my own very mediocre games as I learn the system, Infection caught me by surprise. It was the first GM game I ever played that actually managed to put me in thralldom to my computer until the final boss fell to his explosive end. Yes, I have beaten the game, and experienced the harsh, oftentimes cruel difficulty. And I say, if you can't handle it, don't play it. Otherwise, download and have a nice day. Nicer with the inclusion of spooky red tunnels, atmospheric music (Taken from Metroid... unfortunate con), and truly vicious enemies that can tear your little red bounty hunter to shreds in a matter of a second.

    Red... Red seems to be Infection's theme. Why red? Because everything is soaked with it. It seems that a mysterious asteroid crashed on planet Zeger, and spread red smoke into the atmosphere, leading to corrupting red rain. Which, happened to turn every life form on the planet evil, and send them on a hunt for human blood. This game comes directly before Jetz Rampage 4, and if you have played Jetz Rampage 3 (officially named Jetz Fusion), you might recognize some characters that have re-emerged in Infection. I haven't said much about the graphics, because there just isn't much to say. They're functional, simple, and charming. And in later levels, when the red 'kangaroos' are devouring humans, they will cause you not a little disgust. Shawn did a nice job.

    People complain that the controls are unresponsive, but you must be able to understand why they are so. The sliding movements of your little red hunter let you adjust jumps to fit your needs, and his fancy wall-kicks will literally mean the difference between life and death. No continues in this game, folks, and no saves until level 4. If there were saves any earlier, Infection would be a pushover. Think of it like Dead Rising; people don't complain too much about lack of saves in that. In fact, I managed to go through without the use of grenades (and they are very useful, believe you me).

    Infection has its full share of "Holy S---!" moments, especially during level 2 when a group of the kangaroos drop from the ceiling as you progress down a corridor. And if you can't understand why exactly it's called a "Holy S---!" moment, I'll put it this way: The enemies mentioned above are twice as fast and three times as strong as you are, but they can't wall-kick and they take a while to build up speed. Don't sit in the middle of an enemy shooting. Move at all times. The constant motion of the backgrounds, the few (but powerful) enemies, and the fluid, acrobatic motions of your character build up into a action-packed dance with danger that deserves much more attention than it gets.

  • Gohst

    In this particularly violent game you’re a bounty hunter sent to a distant planet to rid it of aliens after a meteor attack. Once it’s clean, the humans can move back in.

    In this game it’s quite an interesting choice that the game is all red. No reason is given, though it adds a strange atmosphere to the game. The graphics are nice, from the person and the monsters, everything is quite nice.

    The game play is fun. It’s like Abuse except more linear and without the moving legs part (the person in this game just scoots along the ground). It’s like Abuse in the way you move with the arrow keys and aim with the mouse. This is cool, as it is a trait rarely seen in games.

    The music and sound are pretty much perfect so there is not much to say about them. They just coast along nicely with the action of the game.

    So in summary if you’re looking for a bit of blast things while they bleed mayhem action then this is the game for you. However if you like something a bit on the relaxed side, then you might be better off with another game.

  • EXpl0si0nZ

    This game, like quite every Shawn Noel game, is a very good one. Infection and has however a major flaw: it's way too difficult. You have to be a very good gamer to be able to master the game. The controls don't react well either.

    This is one of Shawn Noel's lesser good games and I still suggest you to try out Jetz Rampage 4 and Street Bike Fury, some of his gaming masterpieces.

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