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Island Wars Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Island Wars

The great thing about this game is its high level of professionalism

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  • Acidic's picture

    The great thing about this game is its high level of professionalism. While you are plying the game you feel as if you could have paid a lot of money for it (aside from the fact that it doesn't have a very long gameplay)

    In island wars you engage in war over your islands, each war consists of a number of war days in a war day the left player will first attack the right players island with their plane, the right player will defend with their cannon then the left player will attack with his plane and finally each player gets in a plane and there is a dog fight of epic proportions.

    You can play the game either player vs. player or player vs. AI (well even AI vs. AI if you really want to)

    The game provides for hours of fun. A great download.

  • Aerofoxx

    Island Wars is, as stated in the title, a war of the islands. Graphics are fair yet not in true 3D. Gameplay is fun but still will get repititious after not too long. And since there's only one background, this may cut the already short journey to boredom even shorter.

    Island Wars is somehow unique enough to catch my attention (if even for a short while) yet in the end I'm left wanting more. They should a sequel to learn from
    this one fatal mistake.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, maybe I downloaded the wrong file by accident, but what I got was crap! People say it gets repetative, I didn't know they ment in about 15 seconds. The graphics just do this game absolutely no good. Smooth game play, if thats what having no physics is. I don't think it deserves this review, but if your dile-up connection takes 10 minutes a megabite like min does, this review will save you some time.

  • Dicey

    This game has extremely high quality particle effects, high quality graphics, and great gameplay! The only down-side is that it is repetitive. You can play with your friend or against the bot or anyway you like. This game is a must-download.

  • Target Dog

    Island Wars is cool. Its designed for multiplayer, obviously. The graphics are good, and the gameplay isnt bad. However, I think it gets repetitive after a while.

  • Dragonspawn

    This game's amazing. You'd think it gets repetitive but it's so good that you want it the way it is, I LOVE IT!

  • Sponny

    I thought that I was in heaven but no, this is the coolest game for multi-player fun on one PC.

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