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I've Got Some Balls Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
I've Got Some Balls

You're in control of a metal ball in this 3D game

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  • Rekall

    I’ve Got Some Balls puts you in control of a shiny metal marble. Your goal is to navigate your way through the treacherous levels and collect all the diamonds in order to progress in the game.

    You will have to execute jumps and all sorts of stunts to complete the levels and make full use of the various power-ups in the game. The power ups come in the form of different coloured balls, which will assist you by giving you a certain enhancement. The blue ball allows you to collect the diamonds from a distance and the red ball enhances your speed dramatically. These are just a few of the possible power-ups to be had.

    I’ve Got Some Balls has been beautifully rendered in Direct3D and graphically is superb. It will take a little while to get used to the controls. Controlling a rolling ball is not that simple since all the correct physics have been implemented. Once you have got used to the controls you will be rolling with the rest of them.

    This is a fun game with a lot of replayability. I found it quite difficult to complete the levels without continuously falling off the edge of the map, but that’s what makes the game fun.

    All in all, I’ve Got Some Balls makes for some addictive gaming. I recommend the download.

  • Darkelth

    I've played this game for about 2-4 years and never got bored. But it's been while since when I last played this game. Great, so when I played it today... my records are still good!

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