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Jetz Rampage 4: Revenge Download

  • Developer: Shawn64
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Jetz Rampage 4: Revenge

It's one of those games where you get to cause as much havoc and mayhem as humanly possible.

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  • Zero

    If you enjoyed the Grand Theft Auto series you will love Jetz Rampage 4: Revenge. It's one of those games where you get to cause as much havoc and mayhem as humanly possible.

    You fly around 2 large cities in your heavily armored suit equipped with a jet pack. Each of the 2 levels have 24 missions for you to complete. Some examples are, delivering goods, snipering a certain person, finding things for people, or even some strange things like throwing people onto a giant target. You can get your missions from certain people standing around the city.

    You earn cash from each mission, and of course from killing people as well, allowing you to buy new weapons or upgrades. There are 18 weapons to unlock and 2 main bosses to defeat on each level. Like GTA, the more destruction you cause, the more the police will become aware of you and the more police you will get on your tail. Eventually you have all sorts of guys after you. Some of them stay on the ground and some will fly after you.

    The graphics, sounds and gameplay are awesome, but if you do not enjoy blood and gore, which I know some people don't, I suggest you not play this game.

  • Najdorf

    This game is a really a lot of fun, and is made with so much care. First you have fun causing destruction and death and fighting the cops, then you can try completing all the missions.

    Amazing detail and care for a freeware, great concept, lovely graphics and animations. The game is full of humorous violence, so if you are offended by this you should avoid it. If not, get it now!

  • ChickenHenFe

    The game is really fun, but it is hard. Missions are challenging, the city is pretty big, and the guns are good too.

    The only thing is, there is no health packets ling around so you have to make sure to watch your health. Thats the only downside. Overall, it's worth a download.

    I recommend this game to anyone who likes random shooting and/or missions.

  • Anonimus

    I like this game a lot, just that the level is too small to make it a lot of fun. There should have been another way of getting rid of cops, not just paying.

    And the kill variation is not big enough; shooting off legs and arms could make this blood-fest even better. And optional mouse aiming (like in Soldat) would be cool too.

  • Turtle Brain

    Being a sick person myself, I love this game for having so much violence and "humour". The review is simple, download it or you are stupid.

    The weapons and gameplay are really cool, it makes up for the "normal" graphics.

    It is excellent for a freeware game.

  • +BarbariC+

    Me loves it! One of the few games to earn a desktop shortcut instead of the usual, "stuck in a folder in my massive game archive".

    Definitely one of the best freeware games EVER!

  • Yorth

    If you're a saddic retard, you'll like it. By that I mean if you're a complete retard that likes newgrounds and that kind of crap you'll like this game.

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