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.kkrieger Download

  • Developer: .theprodukkt
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A 3D first person shooter featuring an array of weapons, varied enemies and a file size of less than 100k.

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  • Gohst

    To put it simply, .kkrieger is a simply stunning game which throws you into a spooky dungeon, somewhat reminiscent of Doom or same-era first person shooters and leaves you alone, well, alone save for the wealth of ammunition and space-age weaponry.

    Originally .kkrieger was a game which may never have seen the light of day, until it was stripped back to just one level and various features removed, to get the file size under 96k for a competition. What is left is not a featureless game, but one whose limitations break barriers in terms of what can be done.

    As for the game itself, its short – real short. As in, way less than half an hour short. Does that make it any less of a game? Heck no, its packed with atmosphere and variety. The one level you are in is large and contains several rooms, some individually large, some massive staircases and scattered around are a few larger than life monsters to kill among the scurrying bug army on the ground.

    It should be said, that this game is a beta release, and it seems uncertain whether a full release will ever come around, so it does have its fair share of bugs. Once I was stuck in a pylon, for no reason. Another time, a door closed on me and had me trapped. Most worrying of all is that for some reason the game would not let me advance through a certain doorway. However, certain tricks like this can be circumvented by pressing M# (the # representing a number from 1-9) which takes you to a relevant spawn point.

    Yes, its short and buggy, and yes there are loads of other, better free first-person-shooters out there, so why exactly should you bother with this? Simply because you’ll never find a game which has this much and comes in such a small package. Download it, for curiosities sake, to see if the hype is true, and be amazed as you find out it is.

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