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Legend of Shadow Download

  • Developer: Darthlupi
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Legend of Shadow

You are Shadow, a Samurai who's mission it is to rescue the princess which has been kidnapped by evil ninjas.

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  • Zero

    Legend Of Shadow is a remake of an old game called Legend of Kage.

    You are Shadow, a Samurai who's mission it is to rescue a princess who has been kidnapped by evil ninjas.

    This is an excellent platform game with fast paced, non stop action. There is a constant stream of ninjas coming at you from all angles wielding swords and ninja stars. You can run along the ground, climb trees and jump from branch to branch.

    You are also equipped with a sword and ninja stars that you use to protect yourself. To gain power-ups you need to attack as many white owls as possible. When you kill them they drop objects which make you more powerful. To increase your health you must find and collect the hidden lamps on each level.

    The graphics, sounds and music are really good for such a simple game and the gameplay is almost flawless.

  • Clockwork Beast

    Legend of Shadow moves with the grace of a dance and the brutality of a war. Levels which at first seem small and linear open up as you make a tough decision: Fight off the ninjas and get to the boss, or stay and look around in hope of finding a better weapon or a life extension (in the style of Metroid).

    Whatever your choice is, you will be well rewarded. Darthlupi has done a fantastic job creating an immersive and highly polished experience. 5 Megabytes is a small price to pay for such a fun little gem.

  • Blah

    This is a really fun game. The graphics are pretty good, as is the sound and the gameplay is great. Ninjas jump at you from all over the place and you have to fight them off using you sword and throwing stars. You can also get throwing star powerups.

  • Speculate

    This is game extremely good! From the fast paced action to the almost flawless graphics. It's definitely worth a try for you platform gamers out there.


  • DKR45

    Read the summary and thats all you really need to know.

  • Sads

    Bad graphics but a lot of fun.

  • Asdasd

    This game rocks, that's all.

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