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Liero Xtreme Download

  • Developer: Jason B
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Liero Xtreme

A clone\sequel of the very popular Liero violent worms game

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  • Punisher

    This Liero is the best of all the clones, even better than the original game. It has better graphics, absolutely no bugs, better weapons and much more blood and gore! More blood and gore means more FUN!

    It is even more fun because there is an Internet and a LAN game option, allowing you to compete against people in the other parts of the world. From the official site you can download more levels, skins and MODS! This time there are even better levels so you can play in different places.

    This time in the character creation mode, not only you can change their color but also their appearance - a skin, allowing you to design the way your character looks in battle. You can also download more skins from the official site.

    The MODS! Now this is where this game's at! With MODS you can download SUPER weapons! Weapons that are out of this world! The weapons here range from hand gun to nuclear & atomic bombs to alien weapons! Never have I felt the true feeling of violence and blasting your opponent since Madness Interactive and Stick Soldiers.

    There are 3 game modes you can choose from and each will make your blood boil! I don't understand why the reviewer here gave such a cheap score. Don't take it personally but this game is XTREME!

  • Syko

    This has to be one of the best games I have set my freeware-craving eyes on. This takes every Worms game put together, and then one. The weapons, even the default ones, are hugely imaginative, then there's the mods. There are enough weapon sets available to put the US Army to shame. The characters are deliciously customisable with a huge range of skins and colour changing (beat THAT, Worms 4 Mayhem with your hats!), and THEN there's the gameplay. Simply indescribable. A little hard to get used to at first, but insanely addictive. The live action play makes for adrenaline soaked gameplay, and the internet play has the added bonus of chat. Press "I" to open the chat window by the way, I had to find out that myself. But other than that, it's great to see an freeware game with online capabilities.

    I would recommend this game to anyone with any interest in any kind of violent games.

  • Wierdbeard

    The idea behind Liero Xtreme was to have the same incredible playability of Liero but with a few additions and improvements.

    This clone of Liero features improved resolution but keeping the great 320 by 300 feel of the game. LAN and Internet capabilities have been added, so you can face opponents further afield and you can now play up to 7 AI opponents. Lastly a map editor has been included with it so you can design your own war ground.

    Still the same senseless worm against worm violence, still the same fun action packed gameplay.

  • Komdour

    I've had this game on two computers. Yes, I like it that much! Great characters with more you can download. I think they recently updated the game with 'last man standing', 'free for all', and 'team free for all' added in. Also there is now chat and more options. The only downside to it is the package isn't as big. Less levels and skins. But don't let that get you down, you can download more! Go to their site. Browse the site, you'll be amazed at what you can find. Excellent fun and excellent game! LIERO EXTREME!


    This game is an alright clone of the original Liero, but some how it doesnt have the magic and playability of the original.

    It lacks a certain something, although the graphics are better, it lacks the simplicity of the other game.

    The multiplayer function seems lacking in some way and doesnt really add much to the game as a whole. Sadly I dont think the better graphics really add on the original Leiro, infact I think the original is better than Leiro Xtreme.

  • Liam Griggs

    Liero Extreme is an ace game. You are little worms that go around killing each other. Liero has a bit of room for improvement but the game is still good fun. Multiplayer is ace as you can play against mates.

    The bad points are that it is just a copy of worms, plus the graphics aren't the best. Also, when you use "Big Nuke" it mucks up the game as it takes ages to get rid of.

    But, overall, this game is still the best I have played in a long time.

  • Dragonspawn

    Great Liero clone, it lacks my favourite weapons (missile and booby trap) and the AI sucks, but the multiplayer makes up for it 10 times over!

    Also it is very flexible too, you can make your own skins, levels (but you should download a better level editor) and just about anything. Because of the multiplayer, I prefer this to Liero AI.

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