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Little Counter Strike Download

  • Developer: tobius kauer
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Little Counter Strike

A 2D counter Strike clone

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  • G15Gunit

    It’s horrible! Don’t even download this game, it’s a waste of time! All you do is stand in one place and shoot at men that just stand there and look at you. You stay at the same level the whole game.

    I downloaded this game thinking it was just like Counter Strike, but it is far from it. When you start the game it plays James Bond music. I wasted a whole 5 minutes of my life playing this worthless game. I would give the creators 5 dollars to take this game off the Internet.

    Don’t download it, you’ll regret it. It’s not the game you think it is, trust me.

  • Rekall

    Little Counter Strike is heavily based on the infectiously addictive Counter Strike. Little Counter Strike is in 2D and concentrates on good gameplay and reaction time rather than photo realistic environments.

    There are nine cool levels to complete and then you have the chance to kill your arch enemy.

    The game is in German, so here are some basic instructions:

    You can choose between the 6 available weapons to thwart the terrorists. The hostages are dressed in white and you can just right click when you're near them to set them free.

  • SlashHawaii

    Its a pretty good game, but I think they could make the graphics a little better and make it a little easier to play.

  • Veilside

    It's alright, but you cant move around. It's very easy and you always are gonna have the same setting.

  • Ct

    This game sucks badly. It's in german and the actual game counter strike is better.

  • Skippi

    I guess you could say this game is cool, if you're stupid!

  • Edgar Janet Mernem

    The game is alright, not very exciting!

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