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Little Fighter Download

  • Developer: marti wong
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Little Fighter

The prequel to Little Fighter 2

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  • Rekall

    In Little Fighter, you run with a bunch of kids who just want to fight.

    You choose to be one of 10 characters and then you participate in an all out fight. This game is SO addictive that it's been the only thing that I've been doing for the last day.

    You can play one on one,team matches or elimination tournament matches. Each character has 3 special moves to keep things interesting.

    For such a small file size it would be a waste not to download.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say, this game is absolutely crap. It's really, really awful. The graphics are OK, but that's as far as it goes. The game takes far too long to load, the menus are littered with ads for poor-quality action figures of characters from the game, and the controls are mindless. If you'll only do one good thing today, make it not downloading this game.

    That last bit didn't make sense.

  • DanielTheMasterOFrealitY

    Ok, so Little Fighter 2 is the best game I have ever downloaded, but the first Little Fighter is still as addictive as the second. The graphics are superb, colourful and classy and the game play is unbelievable. It is a small download that will provide days, maybe weeks of enjoyment. Download this game now!

  • Pokehamtaro

    I'm telling you, it's NOT worth downlaoding!

    If you are really interested in Little Fighters, get Little Fighters 2. It's so much better than this! The graphics are nice and there are more characters and combos.

  • Ruciful

    Marty and Starsky Wong created a very good game when they created this and when they created LF2 they have created a masterpiece. It truely is one of the best games here.

  • ©@ ®:

    It was okay. The people were cute but Little Fighter 2 is like 100 times better. Firzen , Julian, and even Knight is in it!(LF2) It's like a dream team!

  • NintendoNinjia

    It feaures good gameplay but the second version is a major improvement!
    The grapics are horrible though.

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