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Machines of Destruction Download

  • Developer: fallen angel
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Machines of Destruction

Machines of Destruction is a 3D racing game where the key to winning is to blast your opponents away with your custom made weapons!

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  • Mr mike

    Machines of Destruction (MoD) is a 3D racing game combined with a 3D shooter, much like the game Death Rally. The aim of Machines of Destruction is to win the race and to blast your opponents away with your custom made weapons.

    The weapon creator allows you to design your own super weapon to annihilate your opponents without them having a chance! You can change options such as Raw Damage, Rate of Fire, Range and and even the sound that your weapon makes!

    There are three different modes of play in Machines of Destruction: Race, Death match or Ion Soccer. Ion Soccer is a soccer type game where the players are split into two teams and you are given a metal ball to knock around into the goals, but don't hold on to the ball for too long as it becomes red hot and can do you damage!

    Machines of Destruction is best played on LAN but can also be played single player. In LAN play you can chat in the lobby and gather players for your game. The game supports up to 4 players but spectators can also join to watch. When played single player the remaining players are replaced by skilled computer bots.

    Overall Machines of Destruction is a great game, game play is challenging, sound effects are great, graphics are not amazing but suit the game and a great feature the LAN play capability.

  • Esfenote

    The game is really great. The weapon maker is good but sometimes too good a weapon means too expensive.

  • RYAN

    Very good. 9/10 but its in a small window, so look out for that.

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