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Madness Interactive Download

  • Developer: Max Abernethy
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Madness Interactive

Superb windows port of the original online flash classic. Extremely unforgiving but that's one of its most defining features.

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  • Moshboy

    Madness Inc. is quite simply a brilliant game. In basic terms it is an extremely difficult (and ultra-violent) side-scrolling shoot 'em up with beat 'em up elements thrown in. You control the game with both the mouse (used for weapon control) and the keyboard (used for moving about the screen).

    There are many aspects that make this game so much better then almost anything else. The graphics and animation are simple and yet ooze class at the same time. Considering how simply everything on the screen seems to be drawn, it is amazing how impressive such simple graphics can be. This may sound morbid but seeing an enemy shot in the head or the stomach with the various weapons can be absolutely hilarious. The sound may not quite live up to the graphics but it is more than adequate for this game with very satisfying weapon noises and explosions. It won't take you long to be totally immersed in this violent world (providing you're not adverse to mindless violence).

    The biggest highlight of the game is the game play, which stands head and shoulders above almost anything else I have played. As stated above, you use the keyboard and the mouse for control. I must warn you that this combination will never totally stop frustrating you, as it seems to be designed to make the game all the more challenging, and more then does its job. Keyboard / mouse combinations are usually used for first person shooter games, so it is extremely hard to get used to this combination in a 2d side-scrolling game.

    What does make the game play great however, is the hilarity of the over-the-top violence and the many practice modes which you can choose to play the game with. There is a matrix mode, a zombie mode, a throwing knife mini-game, a 'shoot the laser' mini-game, a free-for-all practice mode and after you have practiced for days, the real game (you'll need the practice - believe me). There are lots of weapons to pick up and use including baseball bats, knives and all manner of small and large guns. Within the game itself, between levels you are able to gain new abilities such as increasing the power of the bullet-time ability included in the game.

    What all of this adds up to is one of the best freeware games you will ever play, providing you have a decent sense of humor and do not mind extreme violence. I can't recommend this game enough. Those who don't play this are really missing out on something special.

  • Redstar

    It is a game port of the madness series with a man who kills everyone and is hunted by a clown. A colour online port of this has been created, I can't remember the name but it is OK.

    Gameplay - 8/10
    The game plays plays well in most aspects but it is sad you can't pick up a jetpack while holding a gun, so you have to drop it and getting it back can be tricky.

    Difficulty - 7/10
    Without the cheats this game would have a 9/10 difficulty rating the game gets a lot harder as you progress through the stages and the "Jesus" level is near impossible.

    Lastabilaty (what?) -10/10
    This is a game you can play again and again and with the experiments, character customisation along with the challenges this game can outlast a pony on steroids.

    Sound - 9/10
    A great job here and the sound effects might even reach 120 odd, the music is background stuff and is not irritating at all. If you think differently just turn it off!

    Graphics - 10/10
    A nice black and white retro style game with red blood. The lack of colour brings a new aspect to the game because there are no real colours that would suit it so it's for the best. The weapon detail is great and the quality is customisable from low - ultra so this game could run on low or hi - spec pcs.

  • Leon Kennedy

    It is simply a great game that you'll play it over and over again. You'll never be tired of murdering and shooting someone for weeks on end. It's difficult yes, but you'll try and try and die and die. It's really fun. Another factor this game has, which is really good is the ability to customize the looks of your character... from Jesus, Agent Smith from The Matrix, Sam Fisher from Spinter Cell and more. There are tons and tons of weapons ranging from melee weapons to big guns! Let's not forget about the challenge mode that contains zombie, Matrix, knife throwing and laser mode. This adds an edge to an already ace game. One more thing - the cheats! If you're tired of playing the normal mode, enter the cheat code that lets you be invincible, have infinite bullets and more stuff! It's really great!

  • Aerofox

    Madness Interactive is definitely a first in a long history of past messups to sport all out blood, guts, and guns.. and actually managing to be a fun game! The game has over 20+ weapons, ranging from melee weapons like the night stick and knife (which can be thrown!) to guns like the bazooka and AK-47!

    Madness takes a bullet straight to the head when it comes to difficulty: pLaying the main game WITHOUT cheats is a feat worthy of a noble piece prize! Challenges are just the same. BUT Madness makes up for
    it with cheats. Customizable character and every gun you can fatham all make up a great game. Maybe not perfect like I hoped but hey, nobody is perfect.

  • Sheriff

    This game is very difficult but truly fun and enjoyable anyone can play it.

    All the shooting and head blowing is a must have for a player who likes mindless violence. For the first few minutes this was an explosion.

    A wide variety of melee weapon and guns. Raging from Minigun, Dessert Eagle, Ak, Rifle, Bazooka and many more. Truly very addicting. The extra modes like Zombie and Matrix add even more fun. You'll be playing this for weeks and months. The ability to dress your character is also great so you won't be bored of the look of your character.

    Wish they created a sequel. There are many more variety here but just play the game!

  • Anonymous

    I love this game but its hard i cant get past the last level but i got it. :)

    Difficulty: 7/10

    Skill Required [ for best performance] minimum = 5 max = 10

    Quality [for best performance] Medium

    don't get frustrated if you cant get it its very hard and annoying use the tutorial and experiment modes first for training. tip on experiment mode turn of the enemy AI and they,l stay still. for fun get the Gatling Gun and drop down heaps of enemy's and the shoot them all. you can also use a rocket launcher.

    10 OUT OF 10

  • Addygeorge

    This game is by far the best game I have played with the concept of stick figures. There is a huge range of weapons - for example the knife: if u throw it at a enemies head it will dig in and he falls over dead. It's really cool. You can download this game and it won't cost you a cent. If you download you can play full screen which is totally cool. There are many levels and places to go and lots of guys to kill.

    If you like a good shooting game, then I know you would love this one.

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