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Maru Nage Download

  • Developer: Omega
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Maru Nage

This horizontal shooter from Japan features a plethora of Soy and Tofu enemies.

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  • Gohst

    I first played this game years ago. Many years ago, to be slightly (but not much) more accurate. I thought it was fun and weird and odd and something I should review instantly. I rediscovered it a few months ago and thought the same thing. It's taken until now to do it, for some reason.

    Probably the thing which held me back was that it is incomplete. At first I thought it was a demo for a full release - and hence unreviewable here - but it seems the game was an early one by the developer, which was paused to make other games, and has since begun again. The title, apparently, of the updated version will be Maru Nage-Re until then, here is Maru Nage.

    The game is a horizontal shooter: Great. From Japan: Excellent. The enemies are food: Huh?! Yes, that's right, the enemies are all soy based products. If you don't beleive me, wait for the warning: "A Huge Soy Food Approaching!"

    Your protection is, obviously, the bullets you can fire like mad. Apart from that, you also have what seems to be a ball of compact rice. This can be thrown at the soy based enemies who receive a large hit from it. When the bullet fire becomes too hectic, throw the ball of rice and watch it destroy the enemies bullets.

    To the bottom left of the screen are bars of power, which can be used for unleashing more bullets on the enemies. Along with this, there are other nuances and touches and as with other shooters, the fun is in discovering these for your self and adapting to the skills in the game. On that note, I leave you to enjoy the food-centric shooter which is Maru Nage.

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