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Modern War 2: The Red Star Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Modern War 2: The Red Star

It's an all out war, thousands of soldiers attacking your base. Kill them before they kill you!

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  • Mr mike

    Modern War 2: The Red Star is an all out battle game. Your task is to defend your base against the thousands of soldiers attacking it. There are foot soldiers, tanks, planes, parachuters everywhere just waiting to invade! Fire up and blast them back to where they came from!

    You work up your points by shooting the enemy (left click), you can use your points to buy your own tanks, soldiers, planes and even a meteor storm (right click to bring up a buy menu). The more enemies you kill, the more arrive. If you can hold out long enough without being killed you will win the battle and your opponents will surrender.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this game, simplistic 2D graphics but these were good enough for me. The game is a bit slow at the start but it gets more exciting as things progress.

    My only concern with this game is in Russian so the menus are not understandable at all - read below for a translation on the menu.

  • FreakFlesh

    I really like this game and think it was definitely worth the download and whatever play time I put into it.. and I love seeing that mass pants wetting at the end as the opposing army runs away! The ability to lob tank shells on the enemy troops, recruit troops to mow them down, call in air strikes, meteor showers and NUKES (BOOYAAAAAH!) adds strategy to the mix to make one heck of a bloody but tasty cooky.

  • Wargamer

    The first thing I noticed when I started the game was its simplicity. Point and click. I thought, bah, I'm gonna uninstall this. Then I noticed a horde of soldiers, rushing towards my base. I just couldn't click fast enough! It's very addictive. Try the harder difficulty levels!

  • Dragonspawn

    There's loads of games like this made in flash, but what makes 'em all good is they tend to have a certain catch to them, this one the catch is the overwhelming numbers. I mean dang that's a LOT of soldiers (not to mention it's funny to see them wet themselves in fear).

  • _Exodus_of_the_Horde_

    This game is very fun. I played it for several hours and am still not bored!


    F. U. N.

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