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Mono Download

  • Developer: Binaryzoo
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

An amazing, fun and unimaginably unique game filled with action, excitement and primary colours!

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  • Gohst

    Mono is one of those rare games that comes along every now and again which makes you wonder... just what is it that constitutes a game?

    The object, as far as there is one in this game, is to turn the screen from black to white, or vice versa. You do this by controlling a round white circle which is capable of shooting beautifully arranged displays of firepower at faceless coloured circles which float around the playing field.

    Shooting the circles leaves a colour behind, red leaves a red stain, blue leaves a blue stain and yellow leaves a yellow stain, if you shoot three different coloured circles on the same place (or close to) then it all mixes to fade the original colour of the background. The higher score you get is determined by how much of the field has been covered and switched to the alternate of the starting colour.

    With this task you are given, which sounds simple enough – to change the background colour – you will face numerous perils in your way. As you change the colours, you will notice that if a certain position is a certain colour, a circle will be affected by that. Green will make the circles speed up. Blue will make the circles come towards you and Red will make the circles shoot a bullet at you. Needless to say that as more of the ‘canvas’ is ‘painted’ the game becomes very frantic as circles and bullets fly with near aimless glee across, up, down and all around your screen turning it into a kaleidoscope of mayhem.

    Mono is a game which is difficult to describe in words, so if any of this has made sense, you should be well and truly downloading by now to see a game which, in all honesty, is a game that shows what games would be like if the world was a truly original place. Enjoy.

  • Imacheater2k7

    Wow. Just... wow. This is an unbelievably fun game for how simple it is. The first thing that'll strike you when you play Mono is the graphics. They are very plain and dull... for now. As the game goes on and the background gets more colorful, the game's graphics seem to grow by leaps and bounds. As trails follow every moving thing, and bullets fly left and right, the game WILL confuse you at times.

    This game relies mostly on disorientation to defeat you in the end... As the separate colors become more vibrant in the background, the contrast of your enemies and the background becomes less and less, making them blend in much more often. Eventually, your bullets will fly out in all directions, and by the time you ever realize a bullet isn't yours, you'll be hit. There will be so much going on that it gets insane... but it's just a BLAST! All of the intensity is just great.

    I recommend this game to ANY shooter fans, because freeware games don't get much better than this.

  • Seth Mackliney

    It's actually different in a good way. Though the game may not seem "advanced" at first, as you progress the action becomes frantic. Same with the eye-candy. The background is plain and dull, though as you shoot the orbs the backgrounds ends up as a beautiful mixture of colors, often ending up as recognizable shapes. The controls couldn't be simpler, and the music isn't bad. You could even add your own music to the game! The only problem is the amount of different modes, and settings to the game. You only can change the difficulty.
    As a freeware game, Mono is definitely worth a look.

  • DJM

    Mono is a non-stop game that will have you playing it for a while trying to beat your own score. There really is no story to get bored of so there is no excuse to stop playing, well... maybe except for a seizure.

  • Jigron

    A hippy version of asteroids but cool. Complete with crazy awesome music, great game play, and easy controls. This is a sweet game. I suggest all of you gamers out play this awesome game!

  • Bandito41

    Mono is one of the most original games I have ever played. It is also extremely addicting. Once you download it you wont be able to stop playing it.

  • Mark the Funky Homosapien

    This is a must download for anyone who likes those "Different" Games. So Simple, and so Fun.

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