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Need For Kill Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Need For Kill

A 2D Quake III Deathmatch game

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  • Aerofoxx

    NFK (need for kill) is good 2D remake of Quake III, though alot of its weapons resemble Doom III which is puzzling. But anywho, fans of either Doom or Quake will definitely like this remake. It has a very broad range of weapons, as well as manys levels. You can even customize your character! Add LAN and internet play and you have a pretty round about package.

    Downside? You should configure the keys better - they're not very ergonomic. Also, the controls are a tad sluggish. But still, NFK is still good for all, and GREAT for Doom and Quake fans. Give it a try!

  • Rekall

    Need For Kill is essentially Quake III, but in 2D. All the Quake III Weapons are in the game and you can play against friend on the same computer or use the multiplayer function. There are many different maps in which to play and you can customise your character with different skins and models.

    Need For Kill is quite a bit of fun especially when you decide you play head to head with a friend.

    This game runs on all Windows platforms above win98. I recommend the download!

  • Anonymous

    It's very fun to fight and test your skills with the whole world. You can even chat with them, it's very cool. It is truly like Quake 3 in a 2D engine!

  • FrostyMixer

    Good graphics and excellent gameplay + Map editor.

  • Khoa

    It is the best.

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