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  • Developer: Freedom House
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A small but different ninja game from Japan. Just don’t ask why the ninja is naked.

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  • Gohst

    Ninja games have been an important part of games since… well, this is a ninja game anyway. The stealth, ease and deadliness of the ninja is one discipline which lends itself quite easily to a game. This particular one has a chubby, naked and frequently clumsy ninja.

    Of course, it could be a parody ninja game – a Leslie Neilson type who accidentially gets things right. However, it’s not. It’s a straightforward game which suffers from unresponsive and difficult controls and a haphazard camera which jumps around all over the place.

    That’s not to say the game is bad, however. There is a good game yearning to get out here. You can jump onto walls, shimmy from left-to-right in order to climb, quick dash up the walls, stick to the ceilings and more. Select the third option in the menu screen for a tutorial on how to perform these manoeuvres. Ample practice makes this game move at a much quicker pace than without it and it opens the options of continuing. A mildly enjoyable game at best and very well could be enjoyed by some.

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