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Noitu Love Download

  • Developer: Joakim Sandberg
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Noitu Love

The amazing 2D fighter which has been described as one of the best games ever.

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  • Zerael

    The strong point in this game is the retro-playing feeling in all levels. I understand the reviewer`s fascination on graphics, but they don't convince me, although I found them pretty funny: the drawing is detailed and colourful, but I grow tired of them pretty quickly... specially of the mini-pic of the hero (and his three mutations).

    But, as I said, the good part about this game its the retro feeling and the addictive-playability that is so uncommon on modern games. Besides that, it has enough extra elements and surprises to keep interest in it - the last bosses are hilarious, and some parts of the dialogue make me laugh a bit.

    So, if you feel comfortable with games like Castlevania, Megaman and other glorious arcade-shooting oldie games, Noitu Love will keep you busy for some time - yeah, its short, but it has some replay value.

  • Gohst

    Noitu Love is amazing. That's all you need to know. Download it now. End of discussion.

    The story is great, the pixelart is fantastic and the action is non-stop furious - take for example the first level. Starts off slow, then not one or two, but three screen-sized enemy regurgitating trucks drive through the wall of your house and attempt to drive you down.

    You read that right, you haven't even left your house at this point. By the time you do, you've faced cannons, bombs, flying enemies and traversed an air duct labyrinth as a monkey.

    To put it bluntly, this game has more story and action in its little finger, than most free games have all up. And in case the intensities in this single game aren't enough, there's a pay-for sequel available, too.

  • Stratubas

    You just jump around killing things. Really boring.
    I played for 15 minutes just to make sure there is nothing more in there. Then I gave up and deleted it.

    Not recommended.

  • Darkehorse

    Not sure you consider this one of the best freeware games. It's a substandard Multimedia Fusion game at best. Basically a Metroid rip off.

    Try Eternal Daughter instead.

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