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  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A game which features one enemy - The hardest, smartest most impossible enemy ever.

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  • Gohst

    "Man Is Not Greater Then Machine" is the tagline to Prima, a game with only one enemy to destroy. The enemy has the same ship as you, the same ammunition as you, can move at the same speed as you and can shoot as fast as you. You are not stronger, it is not weaker. The only difference is - you are human.

    The developer claims that both himself and his testers never finished the game. It is an easy claim to verify once you begin to play. The baddie is really, really, REALLY hard. I'm not kidding about that. Every time it seems certain you will land a hit, he dodges, ducks, weaves, manoeuvres, whatever you least suspect, your enemy will not be hit.

    It seems to be an impossible goal. One which has an element of truth to it. It would be possible to hit, if only I could... if I just... when he is going, I will... and all of a sudden it is turned into a fast paced combat strategy game. I played for far too long in a stalemate, with neither of us landing as hit. So with the luck, strategy, action, combat, add some stamina to the mix and you might never want to play the game. But would you concede defeat that easily? Is the machine better than you?

  • Anonymous

    Well, when I first checked on this game it had the 50% reviewer rating, but after the user reviews I decided to check it out. It turns out that the AI, while incredibly difficult, is not all its cracked up to be. First of all, as mentioned already, it doesn't hit you while you're sitting still. Secondly, I found two ways to hit it, both involving the corner, one where you line up shots chasing it and the other while lying in wait. So yes, the AI is good, but it has to wait for the human to make a mistake. The human wins by figuring out how the AI works. The game is obviously simple, but it's supposed to be that way. The graphics and sound are functional. Basically it's a decent game based off a good idea created in very little time. Just don't expect too much from it. (For me, it was 30 minutes, then 10 minutes writing this review after I beat it in the first game. I only had 1 life left, but... I'm surprised the author created a victory screen for a supposedly unwinnable game!)

  • Liam

    At first I agreed with Ghost but after about 5 minutes of play I somehow landed a hit on the Prima, it was near the edge of the screen and an absolute miracle but it means that the human can win. Prima soon got back at me but I was happy that AI was still the inferior of the two (I wasn't watching where I was going because I was hyped about the hit). The point is it can be beaten. It is a great example of what will happen when machines conquer the earth.

    While the graphics are barely better than space invaders it is an excellent game for those looking for a challenge.

    The music is very... interesting, like an African drum playing a rocking solo.

    The actual game play makes the graphics and sound mean nothing to me and some gamers, because its not how a game looks or sounds but the challenge involved that keeps me playing.

  • JeRoman

    A very good puzzle game. Simple and elegant, this game will stump you with it's impossible, near perfect dodging enemy. It is not perfect however. I have gotten it down to Human:5, Prima:2. That's 3 hits. But very tricky to scratch at all. Don't worry about Prima's shots, they fall very predictably.

    It feels more like Pong than Space Invaders to play.

    To improve this game, I would suggest making faster projectiles and not predetermined shots; as I write this the game is still playing but my ship will not be harmed as the shots always fall in the same spots.

    This is made with the demo version of gamemaker, and I have never seen it used so well. Fantastic concept, sleek and elegant.

    Prima is good. But Man is better.

  • Annon

    While in certain senses it could be called the perfect AI it is not. If it were then I wouldn't have beaten it haha. It just requires timing of your shots to move the ship into getting hit. If the ship did not take a predetermined course across the top of the screen, however, it could have jumped the difficulty up much higher. The graphics of the space ships remind me of a galaga enemy ship. It's fun to bet money that your friends won't beat it in five minutes or see if someone chucks their monitor out their window playing it.

  • Yashar

    This is a simple game where AI is everything. One enemy, one level, one fight. AI vs Human. At first the AI seems rather smart but soon it becomes obvious that it has no strategy and aggressive method. Just a pattern to avoid shots. It proves that machine's intelligence is still way behind man's.

  • Next

    I was up for a challenge but this game just blows monkeys. Don't waste your time.

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