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Ragdoll Matrix Reloaded Download

  • Developer: R-Tsa
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Ragdoll Matrix Reloaded

Play as Hugo Weaving in The Matrix Reloaded as you dodge bullets for your life.

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  • Gohst

    In this, rather short, Matrix game you play as Hugo Weaving (for some reason, not Keanu Reeves the star of the movie) and you have to use your limp limbed body to jump around the screen dodging bullets fired at you from nowhere.

    The object of the game is to dodge bullets long enough to get on the high score table. The more health you have at the end of the level, the more points you get for the highscore table. If you get hit in certain parts of your body, you suffer more damage than others. There are 5 levels to play at, practice, easy, medium, hard and Dodge This. Each one having a longer time limit, more bullets being fired at you and quicker, and damage takes more of an impact. As you flip and flop around the screen with your 'rag doll body' arms and legs fly everywhere as you frantically try and dodge the onslaught. Once you get used to the physics and figure out how to get your self off the floor, this game can be quite exciting at times. With the ability to record and play back your attempts to dodge bullets you can share with your friends near misses, how you got through without getting hurt or that time when you pressed the wrong button and got pelted with bullets causing arms and legs alike to fly about in a hilarious way.

    There are bombs to drop and the ability to stick to walls or the ceiling with your arms or legs and you can 'unlock' these abilities in the different game modes and difficulty settings.

    Overall, the game is pretty monotonous having the same gameplay on each level setting and the same background and fairly average graphics. The game doesn't scroll at all and you have to look at a corridor the whole time. When you get hit, it switches to 'bullet time' for a moment but its not that exciting.

    If you want to play a Matrix game, give this a go but don't hang out for the music, go for the small download. Especially for those on dial-up.

  • Wilson

    First off, this game is about gameplay, rather than graphics or a lot of polish. It looks perfectly fine, but not amazing. I found a few bugs in LAN play, and sometimes the hit boxes are a little dodgy, but most games also have problems like this. They aren't so common that they spoil the game.

    Getting good at dodging bullets requires that you really understand the controls, and it's also important that you play up through the difficulty levels, because you unlock helpful new abilities that you will need to beat higher levels (as well as fun stuff like new settings, new costumes and new game modes).

    I would say that the pros of this game are that it can be very satisfying when you manage to dodge a hail of bullets through skilled use of different abilities or just luck, which is of course what the game is all about. The gameplay it has is very well done and balanced.

    The cons include the fact you are doing the same thing every time, and there are certain techniques that I found to be the best, thus negating the need to do anything else. This problem is offset somewhat by a few different game modes, and the addition of bombs to dodge at harder levels.

    To summarize, Ragdoll Matrix is a laugh to play at first, and even after the novelty wears off, you may well come back to it every now and then when you've got a few spare minutes. If you can find someone else to play with, it even has multiplayer, both two player on the same computer or across a network.

  • Crow

    Ragdoll Matrix Reloaded is a great game despite its pathetic graphics. The idea of the game is to dodge the bullets that come flying at you from one side of the screen.

    You play as Smith, there aren't any options to play as another character but there isn't much point to changing the characters anyway.

    There are several levels ranging from easy to dodge this, as well as several modes of play including cross fire were you have to dodge bullets from both sides of the screen.

    I haven't bothered downloading the music version because I'm on a dial up conection but with most games I turn the sound off and play my own music anyway.

    If all freeware games had as much playability as this the world would be a better place.

    I loved this game and suggest that everyone from the hardcore matrix fans to the random surfers downloads it.

  • AeroFoxx

    This game redefines the rating "unplayable." It truly is. First I went to practice to get the hang of it and the keys don't work!

    Then I go change them and they barely work so I decide to change from the key movement to mouse movement and it STILL moves too slow. The main flaw in the game is that there is too much gravity and very slow movement. Don't listen to those Matrix fanatics! They just say it's great 'cause they love anything with the Matrix written on it! (The movies were good but this game sucks).

    It's a waste of your hard drive space, Acid-play's bandwidth and your time!

  • Stratubas the MartixBoy

    The game is really cool - I 've played for at least 30 hours and i am still playing!

    You can unlock very cool features that can make you a great dodger, when mastered, extra multiplayer options and modes, themes (like cowboy dodging arrows!) and music. The most exciting part of the game is the multi player, preferably LAN, which includes a very cool mode: controling pistol armed rag dolls and shooting at each other!

    I highly recommend this download, if you have dial-up just ask someone to give you the first track of the music; the game looks pretty empty without music.

  • Sharpshark28

    All of the sweet moves and dodges you can do is amazing. The basis of the game is simple but its the little things that are cool. Having a bullet whiz by your ear as you move your arm out of another. The constant barage of bullets makes it so that you won't be able to stop till you win or until you lose. And I mean come on - 3 MB. Even if you stash this away on your computer and get bored some day. Just load it up and play. Great game.

  • RTsa

    "Overall, the game is pretty monotonous having the same gameplay on each level setting and the same background and fairly average graphics.

    The game doesn't scroll at all and you have to look at a corridor the whole time."

    That's not true. You can unlock different 'themes', which have different graphics and music. Of course, maybe the reviewer didn't play it enough to get them. Please correct this and I'm happy :)

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