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RecWar Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

RecWar is an interesting game that offers some of the hottest death match action.

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  • Rekall

    RecWar is an interesting game that offers some of the hottest death match action.

    The game is similar in many ways to GTA as you view the game from a top down perspective while the game has such cool death match gameplay that the blend of the two make a real masterpiece.

    You can either play as single player or run a split screen game and duke it out with a friend.

    Team game and capture the flag matches are also supported.

  • The Ska Boss

    This game is a brilliant example of gameplay over quality. The different game types, including capture the cow along with quite an impressive list of levels, make for great customizable gameplay. Fight it out on LAN or against bots in three different vehicles and with quite an arsenal of weapons. Minutes to learn, years to master. Great time killing action!

  • James C

    Awesome graphics with fully customizable tanks, hummers, hovercrafts with a custom paint job and design, good weapon selection, but I knock off 30% because you die so damn fast. When you get hit with a missle, or even run into someone, you practically die. I suggest network play instead of bots.

  • DJ_Silverpig

    RecWar has great graphics and good game play. The game become boring after one hour of play and those weapons... There should be more...

    You still must download this game!

  • Recreational Warfanatic

    This game has very great gameplay, and the graphics are wicked! Sounds are rather nice actually.

    Replay Value:10/10

  • Butuk Useng

    Wow!! You must certainly download this game because it has the best graphics I've ever seen! DOWNLOAD IT!

  • Mik-O

    The idea is simple and fun and the graphics are great.

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