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Reezlischar Download

  • Developer: Zhin's cafe
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A shooting game from Japan where you are in a space ship and you have to shoot enemy space ships.

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  • Gohst

    Reezlischar is a side scrolling shoot ‘em up from Japan with an interesting twist. You have the choice between two ships – one is fast but with less powerful bullets, the other is slow when firing but has a powerful laser beam. Choosing between the two will alter the game play,

    As with most Japanese side scrolling shoot ‘em ups the graphics are cool. This one is a little sub par in that department, nevertheless the graphics are very good for a free game and are totally appropriate for the game.

    As mentioned your ship will effect how you play, which is a very interesting concept. The slow one is only slow when firing, so you can’t hold down the laser and blow everything away. But the other ship is faster, though its bullets are weaker. It’s only a shame you can’t switch ships or use the other one when you die in one ship, but on the whole it’s a very exciting game.

    The music and sounds are, with most Japanese side scrolling shoot ‘em ups, very well paced and interesting to the game, not out of place or too overbearing to be deemed comfortable – it’s just very good. Like most games in this category.

    As far as this game goes, it’s not quite as good as other games in the genre, though it is very much an entertaining and exciting game to be enjoyed by many gamers around the world.

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