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Room War Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Room War

Protect your Alienware computer system from the other aliens in this brilliant 3D game.

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  • Zero

    Room War was the winner of The Game Creators Alienware Competition. You only need to play this game for a few seconds to see why it won.

    The game takes place inside a brilliantly modeled 3D bedroom. The details in this room go way beyond what you expect from a freeware game.

    The idea behind Room War is extremely simple, but very effective. You fly around the room, protecting your multi-display Alienware computer from the other evil aliens flying around.

    To protect your computer system you will need to lock onto the alien ships with the right mouse button and shoot them with the left. You must do all this while pulling off impressive maneuvers and dodging obstacles in the room such as a guitar, a HiFi system, a TV and many other well designed objects.

    There are 2 green alien ships. These are on your side and if you get killed you will repsawn into one of these.

    Besides the well designed graphics, the gameplay itself is awesome. You will notice this if you get in a situation like I did when you are trying to lock on to a spaceship and you fly under the guitar and suddenly need to pull up at a 90 degree angle to avoid hitting the back of the couch.

    I recommend this game to anyone who is looking for some fun and excitement. You won’t be disappointed.

    One thing that Acidic picked up and I didn't, is that when you fly into a wall or any other object, you do not get damaged. This is probably the main flaw in Room War.

  • Sandman

    The graphics are no less than amazing, and the original idea of being a small alien flying around a room is great. The physics are also very good, ie. the handling of the ship and the smooth movements you can make. And there is nothing wrong with the aiming system, where you can lock in on a target and chase it.

    But still... there is one thing which stops this game from being great. And that is, as mentioned by others, that you don't take any damage when hitting objects. That's a crucial thing, because it makes your acrobatic movements much less spectacular. You just don't worry about hitting anything.

  • Alienass-biter

    I can see why it won the alienware competition - it's got awesome graphics, brilliant simulation, and fantastic gameplay.

    The violence is alright - the bullets look great but it needs bigger explosions and more spasticated particles. There should be smoke going everywhere like in the terminator. I like that.

    An amazing game that deserves to be paid for! I have tried to send a donation to the authors. I can't find them.

    I like the guitar. It's fun to fly around. What would be really cool (but a bit of a waste of time) would be if you could make music of a sort by shooting the strings.

  • SoupDude

    Room War is an interesting game, written in Dark Basic Pro. The graphics are some of the best in any freeware game out there but don't be fooled. The only way to get hurt in this game is by the woeful enemy ships, which rarely hit you. You can fly into a wall without being damaged, making it too easy. And due to the free lives with every level, it's just too easy and you end up aiming for half an hour. It's not that great.

  • Spock

    When I was young I wondered what my Transformers and Lego ships were doing while I was away. Maybe something like this game. This truly is an awsome freeware game. I play it every day! Only downside for me is the sound effects. Those could be a bit more intense. Not to intense as that would lessen the believability that this fighting goes unnoticed every day.

    Overall, an outstanding freeware game!


  • Punisher

    The graphics are good yeah, but there something boring about it. I wish it could be better, I'm not entertained with such a slow and frustating game. Games like this? I can't believe it won on the Alienware competition. Review the games that all people will like and agree with.
    Well that's well said.

  • Alienater

    This has to be one of (or the) best game of all. It drove me to get my own alienware computer, and rave about every second of the day. Room War truly is the mother of all freeware games. I hope they make a Room War 2 soon, 'cause this game did so well!

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