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Silver Knights Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Silver Knights

A fantastic Japanese fighter

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  • Abhorsen

    Silver knights got me addicted since I first heard of it and played.

    By far, no other freeware game compares. The ability of Teshima in creating the game is nothing short of incredible. The attacks are all in working order, with updates (currently not, but soon.....) and 3 types of mech attacks.

    Each mech unique with its own style definitely leaves much room for fun. With multiple modes, like kill the leader and melee only, the fun can last a long time. Melee is one of the best parts of the game, period... although bugs are in it, they are usually fixed in the next version, and usually aren't too common, or enough to ruin the game.

    Silver Knights is one of the best games I play, period. Especially with network mode.

  • Rekall

    Silver Knights is a 3D mech game that allows you to fight against other mechanical behemoths. You get to choose your team and then choose one of seven fighting machines. You can fully customise your mech and make it your own.

    As far as a freeware game goes, the graphics and game play are nothing short of excellent. Each mech has 2 different attacks and there is alot of strategy envolved when choosing your mech. Stealth and agility vs weapons and armour will be the biggest decision when choosing your mech.

    Each mech has a jetpack and the ability to block. There are about 7 maps, each with different characteristics.

    Silver Knights is a fantastic game which has alot of replayability. This one is not to be missed!

  • Anonymous

    This game is thumbs up for me! When it comes to Japanese Mech Fighter games, this basically beats it all. It is so invigorating, I can't ever get enough of this game. It rocks! When it comes to hard mode Master it with some skill but still lose. Losing makes me want to play as hard as I can to the best of my abilities. It's great how they also added the Network mode, Mech Color Mode, and more settings!!! I give this game a [9.9] rating, its last point is missing and I neglect to give it a [10] due to the fact it sometimes screws up Network Mode. After it messes up you have to redownload ... so yeah ... Awesome Game I'd Say!!!

  • Ninkul

    One of the far superior freeware games. The great thing about this one is that its such a small filesize!

    It is very simple yet fast paced action, the graphics are great.

    This game isn't perfect tho, it has a few small flaws. The camera angle is one, the camera angle randomly changes when you start using close-combat attacks, it isn't a horrible thing but it would be best if this was more smooth and would zoom out more so you can see what is going on around you.

    I love this game, it reassembles Zone of The Enders quite a bit, it isn't a clone, it is highly reccomended by me.

  • Gray Ghost

    As far as freeware goes, this is an excellent game. It has great graphics for its size, the sound is good as well.

    It takes a while to get into the swing of things and find out which bot has what, but it's definitely an excellent freeware game.

    A few modifications could make this game one of the best freeware games ever, such as if it were to have a screen showing you what each bots strengths and weaknesses were and if you were able to customize each bots colours, guns etc.

  • Robbie

    This is an EXCELLENT game, but this game has the worst downfall ever.

    The downfall is that the main playing option: Story Mode, does not work. When you select it, nothing happens. I'd really like the story mode feature too. This is a very good game, it is addictive, it's fun, and there are very nice Gundam Type fighters to choose from. The Gundam Type style is very cool, so if you love Gundams, just play this awesome game!! I RECOMMEND THIS!

  • Woad Raider

    Silver Knights, even though it is still under construction, is still fun to play. It is basically a 3rd person mech fighting game, where you can battle either computer controlled mechs or human controlled ones (through the use of the internet). In version 0.5, the story mode has not been completed but you don't need that to enjoy the game. It is also beneficial to use a game pad but that is not needed. I highly recommend this game.

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