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Stick Soldiers Download

  • Developer: Andrew Russell Studios
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Stick Soldiers

I would never have guessed that blowing up stick men would be so much fun

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  • Zack

    "Give me a classic war game! I'm tired of Lego Star Wars!" Have you ever thought this in your head? Ever wanted something as fun as lego star wars, or perhaps a lego game, but ten times as funner? Well, if so, Stick Soldiers is for you!
    This is a classic graphic game, which means it's quite simple. You have a various choise of weapons you can get throughout the game:
    1. The classes Sub-Maching gun
    2.Rocket Launcher
    3.Grenade launcher
    4.Shock gun
    5.Sniper Rifle

    With all the weapons above, can you conquer the battle field? Gain ranks, have fun, and most importantly blow people up? With this single-playered, and quite addicting world, you can find out yourself today!
    You may think the title describes it all, however, it does not. There is no story line, like Call of Duty Games, or perhaps other games, nor does it have levels. Once you click on it, your batteling.
    In a world where everyone is against you, where your skills will be put to the test, where you have no allies, can you survive?

    Find out today, and Download this game; show your family, friends, co-workers, classmates, and or other relations you come in contact with, your great skills with the key board, and on how you think!

    Have a fun time, and remeber, You chose your own destany: Die, or live! You decide!

  • G-Fresh

    Some people may find some novelty in the concept of having a game with poor or minimalist graphics that is actually playable, but I think the poor graphics are just an annoyance, as you're squinting to try to find out what weapon you're picking up or where your bullets are going (maybe it's just my screen).

    But in truth, this game isn't any fun once you get the hang of it. You can't really count on a certain weapon being effective in a certain situation, and the AI is one of those that advantages from being tied into the game, ie it can aim instantly, whereas aiming accurately is a big problem for human players.

    All in all, the gameplay is a bit random, and lacks any form of strategy beyond the purely robotic.

    Once I got to the point of being able to win, I was already mildly bored, and had never actually felt excited as when playing Liero or Soldat, where skill is your most valuable asset.

  • Acidic's picture

    All the graphics and multimedia in the world just can't make up for good old fashioned gameplay! The creators of Stick Soldiers (Whitespace Unlimited) have taken this idea to a new level with their awesome “all gameplay no graphics” platform death match game.

    Stick Soldiers puts you against other AI driven Stick Soldiers in a 2D monochrome killing field. To survive you have to pick up weapons and ammo as you dodge the rain of bullets flying at you from all angles. Stay alive for long enough and you may just be able to add a few notches to your machine gun.

    Repetition is Stick Soldiers only minor flaw. The small playing, non scrolling, playing areas can leave you feeling a bit claustrophobic. Luckily though the game comes with a few levels as well as a level editor to let you exercise your creativity.

    Stick Soldiers is a very well made game, easily one of my favorites.

  • Sean_rainville_344

    This game truly is an average game. The graphics make it kinda hard to play and the modes really never end but it is fun to play every now and then. The noises are kind of annoying and in a big splur of bullets you dont know were you are shooting. But I really like the easy controls, besides the fact that you cant jump all the time. There are a lot of maps though. I reccomend downloadin this game and give it a shot. You wont be hooked on it and amazed, but you wont be scared away in shame either. @[email protected]^_^!_!_#_#$_$%_%&_&(_( Were all friends.

  • Efstratiadis Stratos

    This is one of two best games for downloading for people without fast conection speed (the other is Elasto Mania).

    It has realy simple, enjoyable graphics and a perfect gameplay. It's only disadvantage is that there are many enemies and sometimes you die easily.

  • Superman

    This game is great! Stick Soldiers 2 was slow and choppy. Stick Soldiers is smooth as butter. I love the fast paced action of this game, something that is missing form SS2. Download Stick Soldiers over Stick Soldiers 2. Just do it and you'll thank me later.

  • Aiden Vaines- England

    Highly amusing game,takes a bit of getting used to (I have small hands and have to remove the "windows" key because if you press it the game cashes), but it's an excellent game I recommend downloading it.

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