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Street Bike Fury Download

  • Developer: Shawn64
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Street Bike Fury

A superb mixture of racing and shoot 'em up played out over a unique looking 2d side-scrolling landscape.

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  • Moshboy

    Street Bike Fury, released by Shawn Noel at the beginning of 2006, is a superb game that mixes stunts, racing and shoot ‘em up all into one neat little package. The story (what there is of one) goes like this: a drug deal goes bad and you are on the run with a bunch of drug money. The game is played in a side-scrolling 2D view. Your hero (or anti-hero in this case) is on a motorcycle and you must make it as far through the city as you can.

    If you know of Shawn’s previous work, then you’ll know what to expect with the graphics and animation, which are in the same style as his Jetz series of games (highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t tried them). The graphics do have a certain crudeness to them – it isn’t as if they are perfectly drawn and animated but they still manage to work perfectly for the game, as you zip from through the streets on your motorcycle. The game is extremely fast-paced and there is usually so much chaos going on that it is doubtful that many will notice any flaws that do exist in the game, graphics wise.

    The soundtrack consists of a heavy alternative soundtrack (with songs from Stain’d no less) and lots of loud sound effects such as explosions and screams. Again, these work perfectly for this game. They suit the whole ‘adrenaline-charged’ theme completely. The soundtrack especially, will get your heart pumping. Personally I am not a huge Stain’d fan but within the realms of this game, it really had me hooked.

    Last but certainly not least there is the gameplay. And let me say that the gameplay is nothing short of excellent. You have complete freedom to do almost anything you want, whether it be race through the game, performing tricks, blasting enemies or just generally trying to do as much damage as possible (which in my opinion is the most fun way to play the game). The environment you play in, in the tradition of the Jetz series of games, is completey destructable. Signs fall, pedestrians and birds can be killed and buildings can be crashed through. On top of this there are a stack of bonuses that you can achieve by doing these things. These two elements mixed together make the gameplay so much more random, chaotic, addictive and depthy.

    In short, unless you are completely adverse to action orientated games – play this. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Sandman

    This is an excellent game, one of those that is maybe too good to be freeware. From the creator of the Jetz Rampage series, this is even better. Even if you didn't like Jetz Rampage, you might consider giving this a try. The action is fast and exciting, loads of things going on all the time and the music suits the game so very well. The graphics are also very good. They are like 2D comic-book drawings but there is so much to see and to destroy. Amazing someone can make this with a tool like Gamemaker. If you want a good and original 2D side-scrolling action game and you like shooting things up, get this!

  • Nirvana

    Street Bike Fury is a well programmed, nicely detailed game but the soundtrack makes it nearly unplayable for any great length of time. C'mon Shawn, an MP3 player isn't hard to build into a GameMaker game (one simple script), or at the very least an option to turn it off.

    Apart from that the graphics were very well done (although Max Nitro looks like Commander Keen) and the game was fun for a high adrenaline fix.

  • A dude

    This game is one of the best games you can get. Download it now! But i got some terrible news the creator Shawn64 has commited suicide! For more info go to You can read the terrible news. And in the credits the last words are "I never ment to fade away." That is really scary!

  • GenetiX

    This game was the last one created by Shawn Noel since his tragic death.

    The game? Amazing soundtrack, excellent graphics (in the same style of his Jetz games), decent sound effects and explosive gameplay. Nothing more, nothing less than one of the best games on Acid-Play.

  • Issa

    lol... I like this game.

  • The One

    The best game in ages.

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