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Super Cosplay War Ultra Download

  • Developer: Alicuu
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Super Cosplay War Ultra

This is your basic one on one fighting game except with major improvements in features and quality.

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  • Shadowfox952

    I have grown to love fighting games for the most part, I've played a decent amount of arcade games, but I've played a great deal of them on the pc. The controls for this game are not too hard to understand, you really only need 6 keys, 2 are sometimes useful, and 2 keys do nothing

    Movement is the most basic, so that's 4 keys right there

    The next two are punch and kick, which are the most useful because they do auto combos and provide the most number of different moves, along with the specials.

    The next is a throw, which is pretty self explanatory.

    The last usable one is similar to that of "dust" in Guilty Gear, which knocks your opponent high into the air, but has a longer delay than the punch or kick both before and after the attack.

    If you've played fighting games, you'll find the controls for this game very easy, the key combinations are not long, but are generally the common quarter and half circles along with Z shaped and quarter+half circles (i am referring to the movement keys). Once you get the hang of the game with a single character (which will take around 15 minutes the 1st time, less if you're played the game before), move onto another character. Get the hang of about 5 characters, and you'll be ready to pwn everyone else.

    Simply said, this game is a great addition to fans of the fighting genre and should be tried out to those who are fairly new to the genre as well, or simply lookin for something fun you and your friends can play ^_^.

  • Woodgod23

    As a whole, Super Cosplay War Ultra seems like another Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat clone. However it is not. It is a 2D fighting game for up to two people. The characters come in many... shall we say... flavours? including but not limited to (I have yet to count the total number of anime/movie/gaming influences found in this game) Super Sentai, Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Godzilla (old school version), Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT, Knights Of The Zodiac, Street Fighter series of games, Pac-man, Astro Boy, Mega Man, Resident Evil series of games, Transformers, Digimon... Not to mention other influences such as the WWE. Now mind you this game is very, very, very addictive and really well done (to you 56k users i know it seems as though the download is huge but trust me it's worth it). Over all the game gets a rating of 2 thumbs up and 10 stars out of 10 stars for both playability and graphics and a 10 out of 10 for non repitition of attacks.

  • Zero

    Super Cosplay War Ultra is a game which is worth the massive download. Being a Japaneses-made game it, as usual, has excellent graphics and animations.

    This is essentially your basic one on one fighting game except with major improvements in features and quality.

    Each player is based on one of the many Anime characters that are out there. I couldn't name any for you because I'm not an Anime fan. The players have loads of combo's and special moves that they can perform and are perfectly animated.

    Unlike other fighting games, the backdrops in SCWU are animated, instead of being plain static images.

    Once you have completed the game you will have access to even more characters.

    The gameplay and graphics are outstanding and are the reason for the large download size.

    Overall this is an excellent game and a must for fighting, as well as Anime fans.

  • Reiner

    This is an amazing game! I may be a fan of the Capcom fighting genre, but this is by far the greatest fighting game ever! Heck, I'd dare to say this is the greatest game I have ever played. Trust me, I have Halo 2, GTA: San Andreas, and F.E.A.R, but this game puts them to shame. The fighting system is excellent, with easy to remember combo's and easy-to-use controls, it has a very short learning curve (15 min) and it doesn't take away from the game one bit. The graphics are out of this world! They are amazing and beautiful, with every animation being fluid and responsive. Super Cosplay War Ultra just made my day, and it is worth the rather large download. Super Cosplay War Ultra gets a 10 out of 10. Now stop reading this review and start playing Super Cosplay War Ultra!

    -- Reiner

  • Neutral/Acid

    First of all when you start out. You will go -
    "Crap! What are the combos!"
    "What the...! This key is useless!"
    "No! Mercy! I'm just a beginner!"
    "Damn! Those intro screens again!
    "Gah! How to unlock stuff??!!"
    "Yes - won the first match! No - lost the second one!"
    "I downloaded this for hours! I'm doomed!"
    "I'm great at this game.. now I'm bored of it..."

    Warning :- Dial-Up - do not download this.
    High-speed - it's a waste of time.

    Only crazy fans of this game genre should play.
    Sad to admit it - could be losingly fun.

  • Ryhuy5357

    This is a great but dificult game.

    - one bug is that it the attacks stay after they're done making your screen look like it has a bunch of ghosts on it
    - repetitive notice/intro when you don't continue
    - hard and bad default controls

    + challinging
    + great 2D graphics
    + good sound
    + cool and slightly original style
    + cool anime themes
    + addictive!
    + fun
    + this could go on for 50,000,000 more +'s so I'll stop now.

  • Jeremny

    This game is awesome because it's in anime. The combos are awesome and I like how they used the idea that the players are based on anime characters. Last boss is hard.

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