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T4 Funeral Download

  • Developer: Gert Lüdecke
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
T4 Funeral

Pretty good looking Turrican clone but doesn't quite match the authenticity of T2002.

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  • Moshboy

    T4 Funeral is another Turrican clone, which there aren't many of, hence they are always welcome in my eyes - especially when they are quality clones such as this one. Turrican was a frantic side-scrolling shooter back from the days when Amigas were a popular choice in the computer world. Fortunately the Turrican name still lives on with remakes such as this and T2002.

    So how does this compare to T2002? Graphically speaking - it is more attractive, with more atmospheric and modern looking visuals, especially some of the gloomy backgrounds. But as it is said in the world of freeware games, eye candy doesn't necessarily make a decent game.

    I found the music to be a tad boring compared to T2002 but this is a minor flaw in what is otherwise a pretty solid Turrican game. The sound effects are easily adequate and do their job.

    Now the most important aspect - the game play. The good news is that the game play is generally pretty solid and all of the best features from the originals have been injected into this. The memorable power-ups are all there, and the level design is largely authentic, which is good news for Turrican fans. Feel-wise I would say that T2002 comes out on top but only by the slightest margin. Maybe it was the more authentic graphics of T2002 that did it for me - I'm not exactly sure. But I just feel that T2002 comes out a little in front.

    They are both excellent games in their own right and if you are a platform/shooter or a Turrican fan I would recommend either one of them. So by all means, download this game and try it out. It is well worth the hefty download.

  • Matrix_909

    I love this game!

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