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Tarzan: Guardian Of Earth Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Tarzan: Guardian Of Earth

An excellent game where you take control of Tarzan

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  • Rekall

    GameDev have a contest each year, which involves people creating amateur computer games in a given amount of time whist abiding by certain rules.

    Tarzan: Guardian of Earth is a product of one of these competitions and it did very well.

    The game is bizarre but extremely fun, as you will save the day by performing heroic tasks such as putting out fires. Wait…that doesn’t sound that bizarre does it? Well, when I tell you that as Tarzan, you put out fires with your urine, then you’ll see where I was coming from.

    All in all Tarzan: Guardian of Earth makes for a few hours of excellent graphics and amusing game play. Give it a wizz.

  • Acidic

    For me a game in which you have to run around peeing on trees just isn’t much fun.

    Controlling Tarzan not difficult but its not great either. The camera is annoying; it keeps bouncing all over the place and in general is too far away from Tarzan.

    It’s a nicely made game but I don’t know if I should or shouldn’t recommend this game for download. I suppose that is for you to decide.

  • ¥

    Haha, all you do in this game is urinate on trees to put the fire out. LOL!

  • Fat Dave

    This game is so bad cause all you do is p*ss on trees that are on fire!

  • Ashwin

    The game is a must play.

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