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Tobiragu Download

  • Developer: Keio Digital Vertex
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A fast paced side-scrolling shooter game from Japan.

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  • Pixie

    Tobiragu is another fast paced side-scrolling shooter game from Japan. It is very similar to Parity Shot and Magic Broom Extreme, so if you enjoyed those games, then you should love this one! In this game, you play as a little girl who flies through the air on a broom-stick and shoots arrows at a number of strange floating see-through jelly heads, bees and things that can only be described as fluffy flying toasters.

    The game-play of this game offers nothing new, you just fly fast and shoot lots. It can get a bit annoying though because the “baddies” can pop up from behind you, but luckily you are equipped with backwards shooting arrows as well as forward shooting ones.

    Graphics are reasonable and the music has that annoying arcade quality to it, although it does go well with the fast paced action of the game.

    I did find that Tobiragu could get a bit repetitive and the bosses can be hard to kill, however it is a fun little game. All in all not a bad way to pass a few minutes.

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