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Tom and Jerry Download

  • Developer: grey oltwit
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Tom and Jerry

There isnt much to this game, you are Tom and you must catch Jerry without hitting any obstacles

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  • Mr mike

    Everybody knows the cartoon Tom and Jerry, this game is based on the plot of that cartoon. You are Tom the cat and you have to catch Jerry the mouse.

    You start off as Tom running (in his cartoon leg-spinning style) with Jerry a fair distance ahead of you. As the scenery jerks by there are different obstacles such as benches, poles, postboxes and others. If you hit one of the obstacles its game over, so be careful!

    As disappointing as this game was there is at least some challenge to it, you have to collect tins of cat food on your way which help you gain speed and close in on Jerry.

    The graphics are 2D and poorly animated. I felt this game was quite boring and far too simple although as you progress through the scenes it does get more difficult.

  • Martusia

    This game is an extraordinary game for Tom And Jerry lovers, though maybe a bit too easy, it is simple to navigate and understand. Perfect for people who like character action games.

  • Samurai Musaki

    A really terrible game. Glad I deleted it.

  • ..i forget...

    Eh, I've played much much better.

  • Anonymous

    Very hard and very boring.

  • Adnan

    Too hard, but cool.

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