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Tyrian 2000 Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Tyrian 2000

The king of freeware shoot 'em ups. Take the original Tyrian, give it steroids and you got yourself one darn fine game.

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  • Moshboy

    Anyone who remembers the original Tyrian may also remember that some years after its release, an unofficial sequel, Tyrian 2000 was released as shareware. So does it live up to the Tyrian name? In short yes. Not only does it use the same excellent graphical style that the original Tyrian used, but it has over one hundred weapons and levels, including various secret levels and different playing modes. The best news of all is that back in 2004, the game was made freeware by its developer, Jason Emery.

    There are really no areas in this game that are lacking. Graphically, it will please fans of the original, with old-school 2d graphics used instead of going with the current trends and using 3d. Sound wise, it is also faithful to the original with excellent music and sound effects.

    The game play is just as faithful as the rest of the game. Take the original Tyrian, increase its power-ups, levels, end-of-level bosses, secrets and playing modes and you've got Tyrian 2000. Tyrian 2000 is essentially a much larger version of Tyrian and it won't disappoint fans. It has everything that classy shoot 'em ups have. A must have for every hardcore shoot 'em up and Tyrian fan.

  • The DJ

    I loved this game - it had almost infinite possibillities. In a way I'd say that it's kind of sort of rpg-like with the weapons system. I do wish that the game was a bit longer and more difficult since it's such a good a game. Ofcourse I think that this game deserves another sequel just because it was so well designed.

  • The Enemy

    This game is awesome and I, like, grew up with this game. I don't see any flaws because this game is perfect. The difficulty settings are perfect too, because the easy mode is fun to play and the insane mode is for pro gamers. This game even has good graphics. This has to be one of my favorite air plane type games.

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