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Warrior Dragon Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Warrior Dragon

A Dragon Warrior clone

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  • Rekall

    Warrior Dragon is quite obviously a clone of the Nintendo classic, Dragon Warrior.

    The game shines through with it’s Japanese influenced game play and Warrior Dragon plays a lot like the old Zelda game, except has a slightly less advanced combat system. Warrior Dragon gives you a top down view of your character as you fight and interact with other characters.

    With a download of just over one megabyte, Dragon Warrior is an excellent conversion with game play, graphics and sound to match.

  • Georges

    I am an "older" game player and this game is what I am used to playing. Yea, I'm that old.

    The graphics were good as is the music and as typical of RPG's the challenge is more in gaining levels than in actual conquests.

    Overall this game is really pretty cool.

  • Nilla

    I found it to be much like the original NES game Dragon Warrior. It was a lot shorter game then I expected though. I enjoyed it but the story is a little weak and underdeveloped. Took me about 5 hours to beat.

  • D dude81

    It was OK but there was no story line and the character looked weird this game is for when you have nothing to do.

  • Guy

    The controls are hard, the graphics suck, and the dragon looks more like a phoenix.

  • PAC

    It's simply stupid... Some sprites of Zelda with ridiculous dragons...

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