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Wizard Duel 2 Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Wizard Duel 2

Death match game between two wizards

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  • Zero

    Death match game between two wizards. Select from four different spells to cast upon your opponent, quicksand, hurricane, flood and fireball. Each spell has a unique effect on your opponent, the quicksand causes your opponent to loose health and sink to his death. The flood causes the water to rise forcing you on to higher ground. Hurricane lifts you up and flings you into the water. The fireball sets your opponent alight.

    You can play single player against an A.I opponent who`s skill you can customize or multiplayer over LAN.

    Requires 300Mhz CPU and TNT or higher.

  • Cronos God Of Time

    This game ain't bad at all man! For magic, wizardry, sorcery, all that addictive stuff, guys, this a very good game. If you learn how to play it well, it is very fun. Multiplayer also more fun. What else can I say... Try it!

  • Hugo

    It isn't too good, what with the camera and the difficulty, but the spells are cool. Wizard Duel 1 is better, I think, because Merlin turns you into a tree.

  • This game sucks

    This game's animation sucks. The ocean simulation sucks, I mean look at it! It's not realistic at all! It's animated water!

  • MasterDeform

    The worst game I ever played.

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