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Worm Wars Download

  • Developer: crystal studios
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Worm Wars

A war between worms and ants in your back garden

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  • Bum

    The concept sounds cool being avertised as a RTS game like C&C. Whether or not you thought C&C was a good game or not, if you ever got a taste of it, this doesn't come anywhere close in terms of quality.

    The graphics for starters are just terrible. It looks like something you'd see on an old NES system. It's just simply looks really bland.

    The gameplay is as horrendous as the graphics. There isn't really any instruction manual to help you, but there is a pretty primative tutorial that attempts to help you learn the ropes. The tutorial however doesn't help much and even if you spend a large amount of time trying to figure this game out for yourself, you'll still be lost(and losing) a lot. It's too fast to even be considered a strategy game anyway. You won't stand a chance if you have a strategy in mind, it's just too fast. Unless you're a super good gamer this will just be a load of frustration.

    Worm Wars is just another non-playable freeware game. If you want to play a somewhate decent RTS game, do yourself a favor and buy a cheap commercal one.

  • Zero

    This game is a about the struggle of worms against ants for ownership of the garden. This game is packed with great action and excellent sounds, but the controls could be better. There are no keyboard shortcuts so everything is "point and click" which becomes annoying in heavy battle. This game will keep you busy for quite a a while.

  • Urestupid

    This game stinks. It didn't keep me busy for hours of fun, it kept me busy for hours of confusion. There weren't any instructions, so I had to figure out what to do. Stupid game.

  • Pyro

    I think that as a third person shooter real time strategy game, the game play should be a lot faster. Your worm moves far too slowly.

  • Slappy

    I thought the game was ok but the enemies need more power. The graphics are shocking but the game was good fun.

  • Bla bla

    Absolutely rubbish, who ever thought of it is stupid, like the game.

  • DAN

    Worm Wars rocks! Awesome graphics and it's cool!

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