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Worm wars 3 Download

  • Developer: crystal studios
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Worm wars 3

By far the best one in the series

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  • Zero

    If you enjoyed Worm wars 1 and 2 you will love this one. It is by far the best one in the series. The graphics and sound have been improved a lot.

    You can now build structures which will be able to produce more units. There are also new weapons.

    Worm wars 3 however still suffers from some fairly annoying bugs which greatly decreases the quality. These bugs include: Your worms getting stuck, weapons all generating in the exact same space and by far the most annoying, when you click on a menu button your worm starts walking towards that button. Some of the weapons do weird and unexplainable things.

    All in all Worm Wars 3 is a game that should have spent a couple more days in the testing department.

  • |\/|aster

    Worm Wars 3 is a fun game that can be explained short as a realtime strategy/action variant by worms, sure it is pretty fun with its fast paced gameplay and pretty deep challenge but just gets old way to quick.

    Its sequel Worm War 4 is better, with longer campaigning, skirmish mode and two player coop.

  • Target Dog

    First off, let me explain that the bad rating is not because it's a bad game, but because I dont no how to really play it.

    The graphics are average, the gameplay is average. I don't no how to buy worms and structures, and I have no clue how to win a game by killing all ants when they always respawn.

  • Bright

    Great game with good gameplay, graphics and sounds.

    Worm Wars III would have been one of the greatst games ever if it had multiplayer in it. I have been using The Games Factory for almost 3 years now and I have never made anything as good as this.

  • Wormster

    This game has many great new features, but the best is the ability to buy units and buildings!

    Replay Value:8/10
    Gameplay:8/10-(Only because of a few bugs in the game.)

  • Dragonspawn (enourmes ww

    The best of the series?? I found this on two differant freeware sites and the reviewers both said its the best, BUT IT'S NOT! 1 AND 2 are WAY better!

  • Rahzel

    I didn't enjoy this game at all I gave it a second try... worse.

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