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WormRage Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

think of WormRage as a Liero clone

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  • EXpl0si0nZ

    OK, so first, we have the game itself: I've never heard of Liero before I downloaded this game, and I liked it.

    The only reason why I didn't give an "Excellent!" was because of the controls. There are many different controls but you can't set them, you only choose between some 4 or 5 standard settings, witch I found quite bad.

    However the game is very good, and I recommend the download, the small size is also a good argument.

    So, if you're looking for a few hours of good gameplay, download this game.

    I recommend getting warm with the controls before starting the action, because that can really ruin all the fun you have with this game.

  • Wierdbeard

    Wow, this really is a worthy succesor to Liero. A step forward in worm anhilating action.

    What's different about WormRage? Well first is improved graphics. There are many different places that the worms will be duking it out. There are also exciting new weapons to hurt other worms with.

    Up to four people can play attempt to blow each other up at a time (that's two more people than Liero could offer) resulting in some really frenetic game play.

    If you liked Liero you've got to have a look for yourself.

    Also, check out the creator's site for pathces and mods galore!

  • Lord Rayven

    The game is excellent! No other Liero clone comes even close. The action in the game is much more fluid than the rest, the reload times are very fast! You can fire 10 Chicitas (every ones favorite) in 5 seconds! No one has noticed but, a big weakness is that there are no online options. The Graphics are A+, but the controls are C-.

  • Zankman Jack

    Excellent gameplay and graphics! Good weapons, a lot of settings, a cute map editor. The controls are bad and not customizable. The AI intelligence is bad to good the AI's almost use only one weapon! It's better than the rest.

  • Virus

    This is so much better than Liero. The graphics are BETTER! not worse and the gameplay is relatively the same, if you cannot see the graphics are better, I pity you, I truely do.

  • Pleas

    This in no way compares to Liero! The graphics are lame and the game play is lamer.

  • K.K

    Finally - more than two players now. It's the best.

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