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Zelda Forever Download

Zelda Forever

Zelda Forever combines many familiar elements of the original series with new, simple game play in colorful graphics. Join Link in his quest to once again save Princess Zelda as you wind through a map of various levels requiring multiple strategies.

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    Zelda Forever may not be the original puzzle platformer that old-school gamers are used to, but as a free download this game will impress the hardcore Zelda audience. It takes one of the gaming world’s favorite heroes, Link, and leads him through various levels of block-breaking that becomes increasingly difficult. The levels eventually turn into the brain-teasing type that we’ve come to expect from the series, though on a much smaller scale.

    Surrounded by a colorful environment, players will follow a map that eventually leads to the rescue of Princess Zelda. So though the story is set in a futuristic, outer space atmosphere, the planet that you wind up on triggers familiar memories of the original Zelda landscape. Not to mention you play as the originally rendered Link, 8-bit graphics and all.

    The best part of this game? The music. It is a sort of “off brand”, remixed version of the original Zelda theme and very catchy. Many of the songs and noises you’ll hear throughout the game are from the original classic which this title is honoring.

    Really, the game play is simple: make it through one, two and three-story, one-screen levels and destroy blocks. Along the way, you’ll discover the use of bombs and ladders to aid you in these given objectives. You cannot jump, but you can move using the directional buttons. Despite a bit of repetitive play, Zelda Forever has the type of vibrant charm that many Freeware gamers have come to expect from Softendo.

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