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Mario Forever: Block Party Download

Mario Forever: Block Party

Mario Forever: Block Party is a vibrant platformer that offers increasingly difficult levels of puzzle game play. Join Mario in the fight against Bowser and Kamek as they try to destroy the world in order to build a new evil empire.

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    Mario Forever: Block Party is another addition to Softendo’s Mario Forever series —- a well-rendered game much like the original platformer, though with goal-oriented game play and shorter, less linear levels. This free download is more than just a way to blow your spare time; it is a very impressive title with a full map that offers a variety of different objectives.

    The story of the game is that Bowser and Kamek have teamed up to fill the land with blocks, overcrowding the islands and apparently keeping the inhabitants from moving about their space. Bowser hopes that these blocks will eventually destroy the islands and help him build a new evil empire. Mario, of course, takes it upon himself to ensure that this does not happen.

    The map is set up much like the classic Mario games all gamers have come to cherish, with individual islands leading the way to a castle, or “boss”. In this case, Bowser and Kamek. Each island represents a different “land” of the Mario world: ice, lava, sky and more. The islands are populated with 10-15 levels each, in which you are given a similar objective. As an example, the first island directs you to destroy all of the wooden blocks in the stage. And as you go through the different levels, this becomes progressively harder and turns into a puzzle.

    The controls are simple. There is no jumping, only moving and this you do with the directional buttons. As you advance on to other islands, you will be given more tools to help you destroy, or move the blocks, including ladders and bombs.

    This isn’t the most complex puzzle platform game, but for a free online title, it’s fairly impressive. The music is varied and appropriate and all sounds match the original Mario series, including the plumber’s voice. The levels are thought out and increasingly difficult, though I do feel that the space in which you complete the objectives is quite small. I would’ve liked to see more land, perhaps with the side-scrolling view we’re all used to. Despite that, Mario Forever: Block Party can provide more than a couple of hours of entertainment. Just when the game begins to feel a bit repetitive, a new twist is thrown in and, of course, very much appreciated.

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