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EclipseCrossword is a crossword puzzle generator that allows operators to create and save multiple puzzles, create word lists and clues, and share their creations with others via the internet.

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    EclipseCrossword is a very unique crossword game. I downloaded it initially thinking that it would be a simple collection of crossword puzzles where a player can enter letters based on clues. But that’s not exactly how this game runs. This game is about making your own crossword puzzles. I’m not so sure I’d call it a game; it is more like a puzzle engine. A game creator.

    When opening up the program, I suggest taking the short tutorial. It explains how to make successful crosswords and how to save and access word lists that you create. You can input as many words as you’d like for one puzzle and then you must enter one clue per each word. The difficulty level of the puzzle you create depends on what words you use and how many words and blocks you use per puzzle. The longer you give the engine when it creates the puzzle, the more complex it will turn out.

    This download is a program purely created to help you make and publish crossword puzzles. You can even print them out when you’re done, or create your own collection. You can also post them on a website of your choosing and upload them for other people to use and play. I must admit, I should have read more closely when downloading, as I thought I’d be solving crossword puzzles; but I wasn’t disappointed, as I found it fun and tricky to create my own. The program does a lot of the work, but you have the option of really personalizing your own crosswords.

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