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Mario Online Download

Mario Online

Take Mario's side in a bet against Luigi that he can defeat more of Bowser's army than his brother! Use the many weapons given to you by Toad and attempt to wipe the screen clean as waves of familiar enemies try to take your lives.

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    Mario Online is another great free-to-play game by Softendo. In this fast-paced title, Mario has bet Luigi that, using the tools Toad has built for them, he can defeat more of Bowser’s army than his brother. And so, manning Mario, players will face wave after wave of his mortal enemy’s horde.

    The point of this game lies in using various weapons to destroy massive amounts of enemies. In the usual landscape of the original Mario Bros. games, a player can select between seven different weapons to aid them in their fight: fireballs, cluster fireballs, ice, radishes, hammers, spiky bombs and spring-loaded ladders. Mario begins with the classic fireball, which is the most practical and easiest weapon to use —- plus, it has infinite usage. The other weapons are limited.

    When a round is finished, the game will rank your score and ask if you’d like to post it online, to see how it stands up against other players’ scores. In this game, it’s all about the numbers. The more enemies you destroy, the more points you get. But Mario, as usual, only has a few number of lives to waste and it gets tricky because the screen fills up fast.

    This a very bright and vivid download by Softendo, with the remixed Mario music those familiar with the production company have come to expect. Though it has a simple objective, Mario Online is wrapped in a colorful, fun package that can grow to be very addicting.

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