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Zombex Download

  • Developer: Ludivico Hauguel
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A 3D shooter which can stand along side any other freeware 3D first person shooter.

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  • Gohst

    Zombex is an interesting game which comes from France which places you in a strange place filled with skeletons. You only have your rapid fire gun to shoot them down with. Will you make it out alive?

    Well first off this game is cool. It’s totally in 3D and that’s just great. The big area you start off in is hauntingly sparse and the skeletons running about – well somehow they’re just spooky!

    Something about this game is really exciting. As soon as you get in (unless you can read French) you have no idea why you’re there and these skeletons want to kill you, it’s pretty hectic stuff.

    The music and sounds in this game are truly frightening. The music underscores the action on screen and the manic laughter of the skeletons is kinda horrifying. The gun fire totally adds to the lost motif mentioned above – it’s like your only companion.

    This game is pretty haunting. Probably not for all gamers, but I was certainly on the edge of my seat for a while. I’d recommend this game to any 3D shooting fan.

  • Forsaken

    It's an OK game for a free game, but there are way better free FPS out there... I mean way better. To say this is as good as it is ridiculous, go download Code Red - Alien Arena or Nexiuz, both of these games are completely free, plus blow this outt of the water.

  • KrazyKain

    Without a doubt made by the 3D Gamemaker, which is a lousy tool for game making, with only 1 lame weapon and boring levels, this is not a good game. I suggest avoiding making/playing games with/by the 3D Gamemaker.

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