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  • Gohst

    Drawing one consecutive line through a selection of shapes doesn't seem to be a hard thing to do. The funny thing is, its not. The shapes are simple, just draw through them, in order. Its really simple. Then you notice, just as you start boasting louder... that it might not be so simple after all.

    At first it seems nothing can go wrong in this small chalky puzzler. Things are happening rather quickly and you're puzzling along fine. Nothing is too taxing and the puzzles require little thought to finish. Around level 15-20 though, the linearity of the puzzles slowly fades and more complex designs are introduced. Keeping your line from tripping itself is an increasingly difficult thing to do.

    And thus, the simplicity of Tripline is realised. Carefully developing over the course of just 30 levels, it is a snack sized puzzler. A convenience between bigger things and shall provide entertainment with its cute graphics and easy to understand mechanics.

  • Abk

    Great concept, good graphics & sound. Overall a nice game to play.