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  • Evan

    The first thing I noticed about this game was how good the programming was. The makers included alot of things you don't usually get in cheap games, like hitting enemies in mid-air, enemies being susceptible to enviromental hazards, and different AI depending on the enemy/difficulty.

    As for the gameplay, it's smooth as silk, and 2-player mode is a blast, especially if you turn on opponent.

    Try this game, you can't go wrong.

  • Zero

    In this exact replica of the original game, you, Bruce Lee must fight your through many levels and many 'Bad Guys'. This game has the exact graphics and sounds extracted from the original.

    How to download: Press on download, this will take you to another site. Scroll down a bit until you get to Bruce Lee v1.12 (644K). Press on insert coin

  • Chris

    This is a perfect reproduction of one of my favorite games. Back in the C64/PCjr days there was nothing better than this. I remeber being amazed at the length of this game and never frustrated by the action-oriented puzzles that killed me time and time again.

    I was never able to beat it then, but I think I am ready now.

  • RDogg

    This wasn't that much fun playing. It does seem like an old Commodore game, but that's boring now. The jumps are weird.

  • Offical Gamer

    Oh no, I have to agree that I never ever play this game, it's not so colorful.

  • All around Gamer

    This is crap! NEVER EVER download it EVER!

    I give it A Well deserved 0%!

  • Leon

    It's boring.