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  • Gohst

    Yes, this game is really called Super Blazing Vortex. I know, it's awesome, isn't it?

    The idea of the game is this: A huge, growing vortex is spewing enemies and boulders and junk - it's your job to shoot like crazy. You are given points for shooting the enemy. When the enemy explodes, the vortex grows - and so does your score (and the danger). To finish levels, plug the vortex with boulders.

    If that's not awesome enough, the game has a twist - a literal twist, that is! On occassion the game will suddenly shift and you'll be taken from the bottom and positioned on the left or even the top! The enemies and vortex also rotate, so there's no unfair deaths by being thrown into the sucking black hole. The one hitch with this is: Although it is unlikely and rare, it is possible to die during the shifts. It's unfair, but also infrequent.

    In all, its a really neat little shooter and should be given "a shot". Get it? That was a joke... yeah, kinda like that sucking black hole from earlier.